Sunday, February 25, 2007

Bring your own bag

Some interesting Canadian facts courtesy of the Mayor:

Canadians find many uses for collected plastic grocery bags, but the number one use is putting garbage into them. The second most common use is putting their lunch into them. Sometime's Canadians will forget and put trash into a plastic bag and then unwittingly put their lunch into them. Canada also ranks #1 in the world for plastic bag injuries. Researchers are dumbfounded why Canadians put garbage into plastic bags only to take these same bags and put them into regular plastic garbage bags. Most researchers attribute this to insanity.

Researchers were also stunned to find that many Canadians will buy bigger plastic IKEA bags in order to store regular plastic bags in them. Once again, insanity is the only viable reason researchers could find why Canadians do that.
Such reasoning also explains the average Canadians reluctance to purchase a made in Europe solution to waste and space. Until such time as a national bag registry is enforced with great rigor, global warming will threaten the people of yesteryear.