Monday, January 22, 2007

Super Bowl als Sieg gegen die Apartheid

For the first time in its history, not just one but both head coaches in the next Super Bowl are black. In the U.S., that is cause for some note as a minor historical occurrence, but one that will soon be forgotten. But in Germany, it's cause for oblivion. Here's the headline in the German daily Die Welt:

Super Bowl as Victory Against Apartheid
Er… may the blackest team win? Unfortunately, Europeans derive much of their jaundiced view of Americans from these low blows and other stunning, vindictive and infantilizing distortions of American life. Via David's Medienkritik, and cross-posted at Dust my Broom.


Anonymous said...

Remember in '92 when the Jays went to the World Series? In the US media, Cito Gaston was hailed for being the first black manager to get that far. For Jays fans like me, this was surprising. My response was, "He's black?"

Libby van Dyke said...

We need laws mandating affirmative action in big league sports. When was the last time a woman led a team to Super bowl or World Series? I'll bet you never even thought of that you sexist bastards!

MapMaster said...

My gosh, the Germans are right! Gender-Apartheid!