Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A revolutionary solution to reduce wait times

There are those who say that this bill will interfere with basic human rights and freedoms, and I guess there are a number of arguments to address that. The most obvious one is that we have a public health care system, and the cost of treating someone in that system who's had a preventable accident is something that we should not bear; it's something we should ask people to prevent.

MPP John Milloy defending his "helmet bill" in the Ontario Legislature on November 4th, 2004
Though the Ontario Liberal's goal to create a "culture of safety" is progressing well according to the Party's four year plan, so far, Liberal MPP John Milloy's campaign to introduce legislation making "helmet-wearing on our public roadways by cyclists, in-line skaters and others" mandatory, has been unsuccessful. Luckily for Milloy and gang, they have the support of their brethren in Toronto. HOW MANY MORE LIVES???!!!:
Two city councillors from suburban Toronto say it may be time to make helmets mandatory for tobogganers, after the winter activity resulted in the deaths of two Canadian children this month.

"I would support any helmets, any type of safety equipment that could be put on. I think that it's something we need to look into and legislate," said Sandra Yeung Racco, a city councillor in Vaughan.

"You may see in the next little while I may just bring it to the table."
And don't forget to put on your body armour suit before getting up to go to that table. The overburdened emergency wards cannot be expected to treat patients who fail to take the proper precautions.
Tobogganing accidents have killed at least seven people in Canada since 2003, including two this month. On Sunday, an eight-year-old Quebec girl died when her sled hit a tree in St-Michel-Des-Saints, north of Montreal. On Jan. 7, a 12-year-old boy from Gilbert Plains, Man., was killed after hitting his head on a patch of ice while tobogganing with his older brother.

No laws in Canada regulate toboggan safety.

"If it's going to save a child from permanent injury or death,'' Councillor Mario Ferri of York Region said of mandatory helmets, "it would make sense to me that there should be some provisions for that."
There are also no laws in Canada making it mandatory for pedestrians to wear helmets although at least 7 people in this country have tripped over their own feet in the last five years resulting in fatal head injuries. It makes sense to me that there should be some provision for that. Or rather it makes sense if you believe you are endowed with more common sense than everyone else.

If in doubt, ask the Mayor.

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Libby van Dyke said...

What about the bath or shower? Slippery wet porcelain - whammo!!! And people on anti-depressants? I read recently that they can cause an increase in falls for the elderly.

rhebner said...

I'm being repetitive here, but as long as these clowns have a monopoly on health care then they can always trot out the "it will reduce health care costs" line every time they want to stick their nose in our business.

Honey Pot said...

They are just getting crazier and crazier. Bad enough we have to wrap ourselves in saran wrap just to do the wild monkey dance. Next they will be wanting the feistier ones to be wearing helmets so they don't hurt themselves when thier head hits the bed post. Taking the fun right out of it.