Friday, January 19, 2007

Prince Charles contributes to the carbon crisis!

Though Prince Charles believes climate change is "the biggest threat to mankind", he is about to embark on a carbon packed trip to the US with his entourage to accept the Global Environmental Citizen award from Harvard. What better way to raise awareness of climate change than to contribute to the supposed problem?

To underline his commitment to reducing his 'carbon footprint' - the amount of carbon dioxide pumped into the atmosphere during the flight - he is to travel by scheduled flight instead of a chartered or private jet.

But he and his 20-strong party will travel exclusively in the first and club class sections where there are a total of 62 seats.

This means their effective 'carbon footprint' is three times what it would be if every seat was used and the short return trip to New York will result in the emission of 24 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

To 'offset' this, the prince would need to pay £177.60 to plant trees.
When the four seasons do not run according to the four cycle plan, it is necessarily necessary to intervene.

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Jake said...

You think Chuckie is bad now. Just wait till is he becomes King and we have to see him pictured on our money!

Maximinus Thrax said...

Murmuring against our beloved Queen's wastrel son? You mud encrusted peasant. On your knees, scum. I will summon the Corporal of the Watch to have you punished. I will watch and laugh.