Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Playing poker with Kyoto credits

During times of extreme famine caused by the attempted implementation of utopian schemes that defy natural laws, the ruling totalitarians in Communist countries have historically blamed "the people", citing mismanagement, corruption and sloth. Rather than admit their own stupidity, lawlessness and greed, the regime understands that it is more convenient to blame the very same "greedy" and "corrupt" masses they claim to represent in the first place.

Similarly, in Canada, our current shortage of health care can be blamed not only on the 'counterrevolutionary' parties, but also attributed to the increasing number of global warming casualties. And we all know who causes global warming, don't we? Though our farms are subsidized and regulated, thus far farmers have escaped near total collectivization. However, failure to contain those farting cows might soon change the carbon balance:
The Federal Liberals are putting the onus squarely on the NDP to prop up or topple Prime Minister Stephen Harper's minority government.

Liberal Leader Stephane Dion and most Liberal MP's admit they have little interest in sending Canadians to the polls this year. But as the Liberal caucus met in Quebec City, many MP's made it clear they won't support the Conservatives budget just to avoid an election.

[..] NDP Leader Jack Layton says any support for the coming federal budget will depend on how the Conservatives advance the battle against climate change.
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