Monday, January 8, 2007

Only a governmental sanctioned famine will shorten the ration lines

Billy Beck on New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo's appointment of "deputies" entrusted to enforce "economic justice" and "social justice":

What we have here are anti-concepts specifically designed to mean nothing in order that they can mean anything at all on the whims of people who use them, and most especially for use by people with real power (that's: armed force of government) in their hands. In this case, it'll be Cuomo's call what constitutes "justice" in some realm that he will arbitrarily define as "economic" or "social", and: anyone to whom it "remains to be seen" is either being unconscionably coy with the ideological facts of history or is simply not qualified to remark on the matter.

This rocket-sled to hell is running right on time, and I see just about nothing in its way.
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