Tuesday, January 9, 2007

No means .... something ... I think?

This gem from Sheila Copps:

Democracy gives us the right to say "no." No to the forced burka, no to the drug trade, no to warring rulers who use religion and culture as a method to foment division.

How ironic is it then, that, in support of democracy, a young hockey player who says "no" is ejected from his team?

In the aftermath of Saint John Sea Dog winger Dave Bouchard being cut for not signing a flag sent to Canadian troops in Afghanistan, the coach has been suspended for two games and the team fined $1,000.
For Sheila, no only means no if it's a no that fits her agenda. Do you think she supports the idea that a man can say no to joining a union or paying union dues? How about saying no to state funded health care and purchasing private health care? How about no to funding the Status of Women Council? How about no to smoking bans on covered decks or in privately owned clubs?

Copps concludes:
In a democracy, we have the right to say "no."
I expect that for Ms. Copps, democracy means saying no to things she doesn't believe in and not to things that the statists have determined to be for the greater good. A private hockey team can make its own rules and risk losing games as a result. Ms. Copps is not out there screaming to stop state violations of the freedom of expression. Ask her about hate speech laws and election spending restrictions and see how defines the democratic right to say "no".

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Anonymous said...

Who gives a rat's ass about what this cretienite patsy has to say, about ANYTHING!

Anonymous said...

Unless we are prepared to have hocket fights in the house of commons, then lets keep politics out of sports.

The coach should be fined as simple as that.

Anonymous said...

Sheila also said the senate is a good thing because you have all these people who don't have to worry about being elected making decisions.

Course it totally escapes her that the senate is totally liberal and even trudeau never won 50% of the vote in Canada but libs get 75% of the senate.

The coach should not be fined if he ends up losing games then he'll lose games.

Canada needs less thought police.

Freedom of speech is critical to democracy people who don't like it don't like democracy I guess.

Mayor McCheese said...

Apparantly She(never had a real job)la can't say "no" to a donut, anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Does this mean I have the right to say no to the Canadian Wheat Board and there Monopoly? Or will I still go to jail for that?

Saskboy said...

It's nuts to kick a kid off a team for not wanting to support the military. Not everyone is in favour of defense, look at the Toronto Maple Leafs.

MapMaster said...

It is nuts to be sure, but it's even nuttier to make a political or even legal issue out of it.