Thursday, January 18, 2007


In "Breaking News" in the London Free Press this evening, Anne Marie DeCicco-Best announced today at the annual Mayor's breakfast sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce her new initiatives to enhance economic growth in London, which amount to in essence:

  • talk about it more,
  • promote talking about it more, and
  • lobby … sorry, "leverage" … the redirection of more federal tax revenues to the civic government.
Typical… our politicians have been so remorselessly marketed to us for so long that marketing has become the only thing they can even think to do. Breaking news? Rather more like repackaged news, but with new and improved Powerpoint presentations.

Update: Ian Gillespie pokes fun at the obligatory annual catchprase in DeCicco-Best's breakfast speeches, "Roots to grow, wings to fly," and reviews the memorable but discarded "golden phrases" of years past, including:
  • "Momentum builds momentum, which builds momentum." (2001)
  • "Now is our time," and "The best is yet to come." (2003, to which Gillespie adds: "A mixed message there.")
  • "Each day is a new beginning." (2004)
Best line of the article:
Even though I listened carefully and later studied a printed version of her speech, I have no idea what she was talking about.
Even the City Hall/Free Press translator backfired this time!


Jake L said...

Anne Marie's State of the Soviet Union speeches are the same redundant crap every year. I can't tell the difference from last years speech or the last six.

The usual suspects that are mentioned by DeCicco-Worst every January to give the illusion that London is changing are:

1. Economic growth that is perpetually lagging other cities due to an unattractive property tax scheme and bureaucratic red tape.

2. Failing to attract more young people since the city is mired with high residential taxes plus an economic climate where the only jobs available to them are in either the retail, service, and/or telemarketing industries.

3. Trying to recruit more Doctors with city funds despite health care not being a municipal juristiction.

4. Mentioning construction projects (eg. road widenings, arenas) that were actually completed a few years ago and were financed with debt and/or the assistance of upper levels of government.

5. Need for London to become a more "Creative City", a buzz word that our local politicians use to give the image that they are doing something positive, where in fact, it is just another socialist utopia project that will end up failing miserably and costing taxpayers millions (ie. need for a 'Performing Arts Centre')

6. The need for London to become the "Capital of Southwestern Ontario", which, again, is another buzz word that means more of the same tax-and-spend philosophy. This is a misnomer since other parts of SW Ontario (eg. Waterloo Region) are ahead considerably in both population, taxes, transportation, and economic development.

Anonymous said...

The Freeps should replace that "Breaking News" graphic with one that reads "Breaking Press Release."
Once again the LFP demonstrates its inability to do more than regurgitate the words of local officials.

MapMaster said...

Everyone at these kinds of speeches understands implicitly at least that the words are a form of codespeak that assures the participants that their interests will be protected while the city pursues its own. That's why the words are so meaningless — they don't have to mean anything in relation to any other reality than political.

Anonymous said...

I notice she had to recycle the JLC putting it under both the sustainability and creative sections. sustainablility and environmentalism got multiple paragraphs each and safety got about 75 words despite the gunmen who operate with impunity downtown