Tuesday, January 2, 2007

John Tory gets high on power

Freedom Party of Ontario leader Paul McKeever exposes Ontario Conservative leader John Tory's hypocritical stance on marijuana laws:

"The issue isn't that John Tory has used drugs like so many other politicians," says McKeever. "The issue is hypocrisy. The relevant point demonstrated by this video is that, to win votes, John Tory is quite willing both to throw the first stone and to recommend that larger stones be used. Worse, he's willing to do that even when his past behaviour suggests he quite possibly believes that marijuana prohibition should be ended.

"An easily-accessed record of this story of hypocrisy is necessary because, by any fair measure, Tory successfully managed to divert everyone's attention from the issue of his hypocrisy. When the Liberals exposed his prior writings about his marijuana experiences, Tory played the victim and used the leak about his past as a way to appear less stuffy and cool, adding that he used to have long hair and listen to Jimmy Hendrix's music. One day after the media exposed his use of marijuana, he issued a distraction: a press release calling for a grow-op registry. He then appeared on several cooperative talk-radio stations across the province to divert the public’s attention toward his grow-op proposal and away from his comments about stiffer sentences."
View the video here.

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Honey Pot said...

I don't think it would be as much fun if they made it legal.