Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy New Year from The Old Curmudgeon

The sad thing is, this could have been written in 2006. An excerpt of Murray Rothbard's New Year's wish from 1975:

I am sick and tired of reading about how we should all stock up on a year's supply of dried beans, and backpack it to the hills. Fellas. I've got news for you: I ain't eating any dried beans, and I ain't backpacking it to the hills. I will stick to the market, crippled though it may be, and continue to dine in plush urban comfort on Pepsis, vodka martinis, and veal parmigiana. I have often wondered why our bean-eating backpackers don't really head for the hills and leave the rest of us alone and blissfully outside of their consciousness. The horrible thing is that I have a dark suspicion that our tub-thumping survivalists are themselves spending their time in urban comfort guzzling martinis and wolfing down the aforesaid parmigiana.

[..] Wouldn't it be great? A whole year of nothing, not a word, not a peep, about "open relationships", "growing as a person", "getting in touch with your feelings", "opening up a space", "non-authoritarian relations", "living free", and all the rest of the malarkey. But, then, what in the world would all our psycholibertarians have to talk about? Well yes, that would be an interesting experiment indeed. Either they would have to painfully make their way to developing an interest in history, current affairs, economics, political philosophy — in short, the real world, or else they would have to descend into a blissful silence (blissful that is, for the rest of us.)
Via: Von Mises Institute