Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Gundon 2007

While London Ontario central planners devote their time and our money trying to make the city "livable" and "creative", the guns keep on firing as buildings burn.
A family-owned business in south London, hit by vandals in the past, was the scene of an arson early this morning that has left one of the owner’s [sic] “stunned.”

“Wow. Incredible,” said Ali Sobh as he surveyed the broken glass, yellow caution tape and London police explosive-disposal unit outside his family-owned Bon-A-Pita bakery.
Meanwhile, the London Free Press reports on the fourth officially recognized downtown shooting in three months:
[Luciano (Luc)] Baldinelli was shot at Robinson Hall early Sunday while engaged in a heated conversation with his cousin.

Police are still searching for a man who was with his cousin. Police said they do not know the man's identity.

Baldinelli said the man who shot him was an associate of his cousin's, a man whom Baldinelli had never seen before and who was not part of their disagreement over a gold chain.

In fact, Baldinelli barely paid any mind at all to the tall, dark-haired and dark-eyed man standing beside his cousin.

Until the bang.

[..] The shooting comes in the middle of Project Disarm, a three-month initiative to get guns off the streets of London.

"Project Disarm is working and we have zero tolerance toward guns, but police alone isn't the solution to guns on our street," Faulkner said.
Youth drop in centers, combined with a national gun registry, will do little more than apply a bandaid to a severed limb. When all else fails, censor the press: (HT:Mitchieville):
Toronto Councillor Norm Kelly had issued a call for city council to ask the media to sign a "protocol" in which news outlets would agree to stop identifying Scarborough as the location of crimes occurring east of Victoria Park Ave.

[..] Kelly maintained efforts to persuade news outlets to stop identifying Scarborough in crime stories would hold more weight if city council endorsed his call to ask the media to enter into an agreement.

"I think the media has helped and sustained this negative image of Scarborough," Kelly said.
Mayors, councillors, MPPs and MPs and all other guardians of the collective fate must fight the media as a communal horde. When crime is committed within the borders of Canada, it should henceforth only be reported to have occurred in Canada. It's a hate crime to discriminate against neighbourhoods, regions and provinces.