Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The future face of London

The Corrupt Corporation of the City of London promoted their commitment to fiscal bankruptcy this past weekend at the Home Show:
The Future Face of London is a 2,300-square-foot display that will showcase new municipal initiatives from riverfront beautification to new "green" technologies.

Lois Langdon of the London Home Builders' Association, which stages the 14-year-old annual event, said this is the first time the City of London has been a major participant in the show.

The city will have information and displays on issues such as bike paths, urban design awards and environmental and waste management programs.

Langdon said the Future Face of London will tie in to the Ambassadors program, a community promotion program recently announced by Mayor Anne Marie DeCicco-Best.

"Part of the objective is to make people passionate about their city . . . To get passionate you have to know what is here and what is coming," said Langdon.

Mainstreet London will display its artistic metallic trees that will installed [sic] in the downtown core next year.
There's nothing positive on the horizon in this mismanaged city, unless of course you relish paying more taxes each year for replicas of what could have been. People passionate about their own well-being are advised to leave while they can, (why don't we!) before the iron curtain asphyxiates all counter-revolutionaries.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't want to be in a trucker's blind spot while in a Smartcar.

fenris badwulf said...

Nice picture of the future London. I can see that the forest is returning to the city, with a biodiversity building in the re-shrubed potholes and the grassy intersections. The abandonment of Global Warming causing electricity is a good idea, too. Great way to get people to lose weight: carrying water to their upper story rooms, and carrying buckets of 'slurry' (mixed feces, urine, and cold coffee) back down to the communal compost pond.

It makes me smile

The Mayor said...

Metal trees? That'll be a welcome sight for the plastic dogs when they need to pee.

Anonymous said...

That is a surprisingly cute picture of our little Annie.

Jeremy McNaughton said...

Why don't you leave then? I heard they have really low taxes on Manitoulin Island.

But seriously.. there must be something that makes you stay here. Surely you exaggerate!

Lisa said...


Yes, there are many reasons I so far remain in this crumbling city. I've a job, a place to live, and friends I value. I also don't make nearly as much money as Anne-Marie, so it's really not an option at this point to quit my job and move to Manitoulin Island.

The fact that I currently reside in the city does not mean I waive my right to criticize the imprudent and disastrous decisions of London Mandarins. London could be a nice place to live, and that is why I moved here a little over ten years ago, but over the years, rising debt and property taxes - thanks to enormous state funded projects like the JLC, and overall city mismanagement which is gradually crippling London's economy - London is no longer an attractive option.

Unless London gets back to basics, the future of London will consist of blocks of retirement homes serviced by crumbling roads, decorated with metal trees, complete with long wait lines at the city's remaining hospital, with a shortage of young people to provide the services required because they all moved to Manitoulin Island.

Jake said...


If you want to communicate with like-minded socialists such as yourself, you should go to Alt-London where opinions on social activism, state intervention in the economy, and bashing big business are a requirement.

This blog was made to counter people such as yourself, not to put up with them.

George Steinberg said...

"This blog was made to counter people such as yourself, not to put up with them."

I'm not sure why you are all so angry. I've been a silent observer for a short while and all I have seen so far is a bunch of rich kids using sarcastic wit to belittle other people.

If this blog was made to counter people like jeremy why aren't you organizing events through it (the site) that I could attend. Why not initiate some movement toward your better society?

Talk is cheap. I guess you can afford to wait for someone else to act on your brilliance.


Jake said...


For your information, I live in a middle-class neighborhood in London. I work, attend university, and pay taxes to support our society.

As for your ill-conceived views that I am an arrogant, elitist snob--I challenge you to meet me in person.

Again, there are a vast selection of left-wing blogs and groups for Londoners like yourself to express your views. I don't see Alt-London organizing a coup at City Hall, despite the suggestion on the heading of their website.

MapMaster said...

If this blog was made to counter people like jeremy why aren't you organizing events through it (the site) that I could attend.

Do you mean like rallies? Like the sort that are organized by people paid through subsidies to do so? You overlook the salient feature of history — people who want nothing from their government do not rally, protest, or organize against their government, because they want nothing from it or for it; it is those who have something to gain from or who want to direct the government who do so. We make our appeal to individuals to think, not to joiners to join.

That said, speaking for myself at least, I have been to city hall to make a presentation, and I could hardly have been less well received if I had been asking for tax subsidies instead. I cannot take your comment in good faith because of the tired, repeated canard about "rich kids," but if it had been, I would have been inviting you to the seminars and presentations that I and a number of similar-minded people will be organizing in London in the near future. But the blog is itself an opinion page, not a revolutionary cell.

basil said...

I'm rich?

Mike said...

The "rich" bit is richly naive, since it's poor people who are harmed most by destroying economic opportunities.

Laws are sold with images of their supposed benefits to poor people for the same reason sports cars are sold with images of models lounging on the hood. Helps to make the sale.