Sunday, January 14, 2007

"Every time there is a hiccup it is felt at the negotiating table."

Last week, GPU OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino proudly announced the Ontario government will be committing an additional $20 million to "help with the costs from the Caledonia land dispute and sending 50 new recruits." That brings the estimated cost to Ontario taxpayers to around $60-$75 million.

"This is a big plus for the community." None of the cost for doing this, including the expansion of the Cayuga Detachment, will be felt by Haldimand County taxpayers.

"This is not a clawback on the community. The provincial tax dollars will be there as long as the situation is ongoing." Fantino says that when the dispute is solved, the Haldimand County OPP will go back to its normal policy and the recruits who want to will be transferred.
Apparently, non-native status Haldimand County residents are exempt from paying taxes though they are subject to Ontario's taxation laws. Note also the recruits will not be laid off if and when this dispute is resolved, but instead redeployed. Contrary to popular opinion, global warming isn't all that bad. Ontarians in particular should be thankful for this season of Global Warming as they are saving money on heating costs which will now be redirected toward protecting the Caledonia insurgents from Canadian Flags.

Watch Julian Fantino
conclude we are all in this together.

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Mugs said...

I expected more from Fantino, but it looks like Mcguinty got his all and the tax payers came second.
Hell Tory sounds more tougher than Fantino.