Sunday, January 7, 2007

"Ever Order a Pizza?"

Reacting to the DC smoking ban, Jacob Grier illustrates that the anti-smoking crusaders are more concerned about telling everyone else how to behave than they are about the health of bartenders and waiters:

The Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes a handy list every year of the jobs with the highest fatality rates. The leaders are generally the kinds of jobs you’d expect to be dangerous: logging, fishing, mining, flying small planes, building stuff. But one job stands out as a surprise. Driver-sales workers — pizza delivery guys, vending machine stockers, etc. — clock in as the fifth most dangerous occupation with 38 deaths per 100,000 workers every year. The risks of traffic accidents and crime combine to make this one pretty perilous profession.


In other words, dialing up a pizza from Domino’s is just as bad, probably even worse, than lighting up in a bar. If smokers can’t force bar and restaurant workers to inhale their fumes, then surely people too lazy to cook or pick up their own dinners shouldn’t be able to force drivers to risk their lives delivering food. No worker should ever have to choose between his safety and his livelihood. How many innocents must die bearing midnight snacks for the gluttonous and slothful before we put a stop to such irresponsible behavior?
HT: Radley Balko