Thursday, January 11, 2007

Always Working Together For The People

Songun Blog has a big collection of North Korean propaganda films made for internal or external consumption.

Here's the dialogue that opens "Girls In My Hometown Part 1" (SFW)

Girl #1: They say man is selfish by nature. Do you think so, Si Nae?
Si Nae: No, that's a lie! Babies are not.
Girl #3: My brother's just written from abroad about the sad state there. The people say, "Pleasures are all I want in life. What's the good of talking about humanity, struggle, emancipation, and the like?"
Girl #1: How ugly things are turning there!
Si Nae: What would the revolutionary martyrs say if they were alive?

(Cut to outdoor parade/harvest musical scene through hill and glade. Snippet ends during promising introduction of conflict in the person of someone listening to a record instead of the song.)

HT Belmont Club.