Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Ain't any entertainment that ain't bought from City Hall

Like many other organized crime syndicates, the Ontario government is in the vice business. Drugs, booze, gambling, smokes, stolen property, and God knows what else are the Ontario government's stock in trade. These trades are denied to the competition as surely as Crips can't sell crack in Blood territory. Worse than that -- consider that Crips don't have such a low opinion of your intelligence as to tell you they forbid the competition for your benefit.

So it only follows that if honest publicans and restaurateurs aren't allowed to allow smoking in their establishments, government dens of stupidity and iniquity will be:

(Government) Casinos in Windsor and Niagara Falls will be constructing outdoor shelters for smokers, while restaurants and bars in Ontario are forbidden such privileges under the provincewide smoke ban.
Community-based environmental anti-racism compassion science tells us that second hand smoke becomes a healing mist if inhaled while enjoying the exciting tumbling dice in provincial entertainment establishments.


Jake said...

It's OK to smoke as long as you are on the premise of a revenue source for the government. Now we hear that Dalton McWimpy is using our taxes to go sightseeing { in India instead of the "Fact Finding" mission he said the trip was for. Double talk is the way of the Liberals.

MapMaster said...

For all the hard-blown rhetoric about protecting the health of citizens — a judgment to which they had no right in the first place — the first order of government is to protect and grow its own assets. On the other hand, it has not the slightest hesitation in making private interests pay the costs for its political pandering to the health engineering lobby.