Thursday, December 14, 2006

Trough Logic

So long as "free" health care is considered a right, there will be no end to the number of "sick" people clamoring for their fair share.

From Lfpress:

TORONTO -- Ontario is discriminating against transsexuals by refusing to pay for their sex changes, a coalition of academics and transsexuals said yesterday as they urged the province to join others whose tax dollars already cover the controversial procedure. Martine Stonehouse, who is in the final stages of her sex-change operation, said such procedures are vital to the mental health of transsexuals. The cost of the surgery is nothing compared to the mental anguish suffered by those who can't afford it, she said. The human rights of transsexuals have been violated ever since the former Conservative government cancelled public coverage of sex-change operations in 1998, said Stonehouse.
It's only fair that cancer patients wait in line with people needing a set of boobs or a prosthetic penis. Move over grandpa; the pain you feel in your knees is nothing compared to the mental anguish of people like Ms./Mr. Stonehouse.

C/P: Dust my Broom

Update: Stonehouse, pictured at right and a member of CUPE's pink triangle committee, responds to a Christina Blizzard column in today's Toronto Sun which, incidentally, reminds us that reinstating government funding for sex-change operations was one of health minister George Smitherman's promises in the last election.
I realize that most people in society do not understand transsexuals in general, and when it comes down to our need for surgery they fear us.
In general, no, fear is not the right word, but in Stonehouse's case...


man in need of penis enlargment said...

A sex change is no treatment for mental health, it's a way of denying there's a problem with self perception.

Peewee said...

"Free" healthcare should include ANY sort of healthcare for ANYONE who wants it. As long as they own our wallets, they'll own our bodies too and discriminating for ANY reason is wrong and is not for "the common good".

Also, I need a penis enlargement as well. Where's the lineup??

rhebner said...

I'm not sure I'm in need of a penis enlargement, but every month I have to pay $15 for a haircut becuase my hair won't stop growing.

You don't know what sort of mental and physical anguish I'm forced to suffer for this affliction! I want you to pay for my haircuts from now own. Also, I'd like you to buy me a new fingernail clipper and some shaving cream. I think they might be on sale right now at Wal-Mart.