Thursday, December 28, 2006

Trend watch

Could this be the first press appearance of Fenris Badwulf's trademark opprobrium, "heteronormative"?


Anonymous said...

Dunno. You gotta subscribe to get this valuable "subscriber only" material. The Ottawa Citizen? Um, no.

Mike said...

Well, anyways, it isn't the first print appearance -- although popularized by the Bard of Erin, it turns out that the concept of heteronormativity

"[W]as coined by Michael Warner in 1991 in his Social Text article, "Introduction: Fear of a Queer Planet" (Social Text, 1991; 9 (4 [29]): 3-17.)"

That's just my ignorance of the doctrines of cultural Marxism showing.

BTW, Social Text is also famous for being the target of the Sokal sting.