Friday, December 15, 2006

Taking your cake and eating it too

Dalton McGimpy remains unapologetic for helping himself to even more of your money:

When Ontario's integrity commissioner issued a report last week recommending provincial politicians get a raise or risk becoming a "farm team" for the House of Commons, the Liberal government said salary increases were not a priority.

But Tuesday, the government introduced surprise legislation to allow the raise and announced the legislature would extend its sitting until next week to ensure the bill passes before the Christmas break.

"I changed my mind," McGuinty said. "I'll be judged on this by Ontarians as I'll be judged on all the things I do, but I want them to understand that I honestly believe this is the right thing to do."

After complaints from backbenchers and party organizers about losing talent to higher-paying jobs in Ottawa or municipal politics, McGuinty said he decided a raise to three-quarters of a federal MP's base salary was appropriate. It will mean a $22,000 jump for backbenchers to $110,000 and a $39,000 raise for the premier to $198,620 a year.
I was so outraged when I first learned of this pay increase that I could only bang my head against the keyboard; accordingly, my original post looked like this:
Once again, Dalton The Liar has broken his promises, and nothing more should be expected from the spawn of public pencil markings. Of course voting yourself a pay raise seems like the "right thing to do" when the ignorant electorate endows you with the power to take what you have no right to in the first place. The occupation of Caledonia by insurgents has dragged on for over a year, but the thieves are willing to extend the sitting in legislature to ensure their raise is passed with lightening speed.


Fenris Badwulf said...

And who speaks for the downtrodden victims, the taxspenders? The majority of Canadians receive more tax benefits than pay in taxes. Why should this signifigant minority care a fig about 'taxpayers'. These 'taxpayers' just want to not fork over their obligation to the oppressed. They are selfish. What about another minority in this racist shithole that is Canada: the people who facilitate the spending of tax money. Let's call them 'taxhavers'. Our valiant MP's are the leaders and supervisors of our taxhaver minority. They need more money so we can recruit the best taxhavers so we can deliver the best services (and more services, and more services more often) to our taxspenders.

Taxpayers are selfish and should shut up. Just try to get by on unemployment insurance while holding down a cash job and running a drug dealing franchise. So there, you big meanie.

rhebner said...

Ah yes, the old "If we want to attract a better quality of people to public service, then we have to increase our pay" canard. I've heard that line from all three levels of gov't over the last few years.

Did you know that members of the New Hampshire House of Representatives get $200 per year (plus mileage). Are we to assume that these people are dullards and incompetents based on their salary?

It would seem to me that lowering the salary would be more logical. If the pay is less than the private sector, then only those who are serious about public life will apply.

Michael Bogue said...

I had the bad fortune to be asked by a Roger's reporter doing "man on the street" interviews what I thought about the increase. My spleen leapt out and killed the cameraman.