Thursday, December 14, 2006

Sit there and listen to the woman who can't spell talk about social justice, or else

Publius investigates the premises behind the McGuinty government's efforts to keep its young victims inside the ingeniously marketed employment and patronage program that we know as public education. Young people with better things to do than sit in a classroom are to be fined or denied drivers' licenses for reducing employment opportunities for graduates of teachers' colleges.

This might be seen as a confession of weakness on the part of the government, admission that they cannot persuade about a third of each cohort of teenagers that what they provide is of value to them. I think it's probably worse. Given that Liberals are one of the more statist of the mainstream political parties, it seems just as likely that these penalties reveal their deepest understanding of the human mind.
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The London Fog is proud to beat the provincial 30% average with our mighty 40% dropout rate.

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Susan K said...

TheTVDSB and its trustees have to date been unsuccessful in addressing the problems of discontented and absentee students evn those in 15-16 age bracket. The very expensive administative bureacracy established to integrate these students into the main stream has only been marginally successful. Taxpayers are already paying for the school boards expensive alternate programmes, an army of social workers and attendance counsellors (nee truant officers) as well a tribe of even more expensive psychologists...with limited success. Even the appeal to criminal charges and court activity have not produced any significant results. London based CAS intervention has produced even more dismal and unacceptable results. How do the Liberal thought police ever believe that their illusionary vision will ever be enforceable?