Thursday, December 14, 2006

Nanny State To Police Imagination

Virtual crime , the playing of video games not approved by the benevolent German Government will result in getting a real punishment:

Players and creators of video games could face imprisonment for acts of virtual violence under draft legislation being drawn up by two of Germany's state governments.

Politicians in Bavaria and Lower Saxony have proposed a new offence that will punish "cruel violence on humans or human-looking characters" inside games. Early drafts suggest that infringers should face fines or up to 12 months' jail for promoting or enacting in-game violence
Apparently one of these school shooter types really liked to play a violent video game. I understand the game was quite popular. I expect there will be a lot more school shooters any day now. The state will abolish virtual violence with the use of real force... you can't make this stuff up. Unfortunately, we too will probably see Ken Dryden, Jason Kenny or some crazy chick from the NDP calling for a similar law any day now. Never mind the last line in the story:
Research has yet to show a link between violence in video games and violent acts in the real world
Why look to research and science when intuitively we know that immediate intuitive based action gives the best political results?

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