Monday, December 4, 2006

The Ladies' Auxilliary of Sarajevo

Mayor Anne Marie DeCicco-Best boasted during the recent election campaign that she frequently walks downtown at night in response to characterizations of the core as unsafe. But it's a pretty good bet that her perambulations are in the boutique-y parts of the core before the bars get out… 'cause that ain't where the action is. Like a videogame, the Dundas and Richmond area gets hit again:

London police are investigating after early morning gunplay in the core left several buildings damaged. At least 10 shots were fired, likely by two shooters, police said this morning. Police also believe there is a victim out there, but have not yet identified anyone who has been shot.

Witnesses reported people running dowtown as the shots rang out in today’s early hours, about 2:45 a.m. Police arrived and arrested five people, but said early today those arrested are in custody on “unrelated matters.”

Dundas Street between Clarence and Richmond is still closed as police investigate.
Update: DeCicco-Best, commenting on the most recent still-unsolved shootings, demonstrates again the acute perception and problem-solving acumen that has made her a political powerhouse in London:
"To me, this is not about the downtown," she said. "We'll certainly continue our revitalization effort, but there are bigger questions here about community safety.

"This is not because it's downtown. (Crimes) take place in different places for different reasons."
Wow… what is she talking about? If it were anyone else, I'd chalk up the discombobulation to the slapdash anti-context editing practises of the Free Press, but having heard the mayor's double-plus-happy-speak in person I'm inclined to give the newspaper the benefit of the doubt.


Jake said...

Here we go again. It seems that Richmond and Dundas is London's equivalent of Jane and Finch in Toronto. If history serves us right, they will arrest this scumbag and promptly give him a bail hearing where our pathetic 'hug a thug' justice system will prevail. A week later, he will disobey his bail conditions and live anonymously amongst society. If he is caught, his defense lawyer will use this classic scapegoat at trial: "He didn't mean to hurt anyone your's our cruel, socialist, 'just society's' fault that this young man is delinquent your Honour." We already have enough accused criminals walking our streets, perhaps even a certain London City Councilor whose name will remain nameless........

Anonymous said...

My Letter sent to LFP yesterday..not published as of yet...surprise surprise!

Yet another shooting! And was there a tough call put out for "0" tolerance...or "Time to get tough" on on the thugs roaming the streets in the small hours with guns and mahem in mind..Rewards offered by the LDBA(Mainstreet)! The City Council! Downtown Neibourhood Watch! Downtown needs more cruisers patrolling...As one chap who had been shot downtown by the now missing shooter said, I should not have had to be shot for walking downtown..The following comments angered me when I read them..I don't want to hear about revilalisation,what does the City propose to do to deal with these increasing acts of violence.It's about time our politicians took the bull by the horns and stood up to offer strong abhorrance and say "We won't stand for it anymore and here is what we are going to do" not platitudes.
Dec.05,2006 LFP
But Mayor Anne Marie DeCicco-Best downplayed the dangers lurking downtown.
"To me, this is not about the downtown," she said. "We'll certainly continue our revitalization effort, but there are bigger questions here about community safety.
"The only time you have to worry about getting shot downtown is the middle of the night," said Janette MacDonald, manager of MainStreet London.