Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Jack Layton is invited too

Inspired by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's Anti-Jew gathering, the self-styled "Old Codger" of This Canada proposes his own "myth-busting" conference:

Dealing with the age-old question of “Is Allah for Real”, the conference will also address more sexy issues such as, “Are the Promised Virgins Really Worth It?”, and “Would IKEA Reassembly Instructions be Helpful in the AfterLife After a (Brief) Career as a Suicide Bomber?”.

As with President Ahmadinejad’s conference, I plan to invite the world’s leading experts on these subjects, including the head of the Klu Klux Klan, leading torturers at Iran’s prisons, and the most respected female Muslim cleric in Iran … or anywhere, for that matter. Successful suicide bombers have not been located, unfortunately, and so attendees of the conference will be unable to determine if promises of a wonderful time in the afterlife are real, or just an Islamic myth.


Honey Pot said...

A world conference should be held on it. This blind barbaric faith of the muslims is causing much chaos in the world. The muslims are not allowed to question islam themselves, it would be certain death, so someone should do it for them.

They are always looking for converts, they must be getting low on children to strap bombs to. Could go with a slogan of 'convert us,' to get them to show up to the conference.

Anonymous said...

I fully approve of any conference which scrutinises the medievalist fantasies of that barbaric religon - as ludicrous in its own way as the Church of Scientology.

But in all honesty I see nothing particularly wrong about the Holocaust conference. For too long this area of history has been left unexamined - and its record at the mercy of liberal sentimentalists like Steven Spielberg.

And on wider note I see little difference between Islam and Judaism - both are equally bloodthirsty and full of ludicrous ritual and strange headgear. And don't forget Communism and all its ills were pretty much Jewish inventions. But we aren't really supposed to talk about that are we - cue liberal handwringing ;-)

Mike said...

Save the winky smiley face for an audience that doesn't know you're a retard, Anonymous.