Thursday, December 7, 2006

Hydro One - Burning up your money while your house burns down

As Hydro One employees max out the government credit cards, taxpayers go into the red though they sit in the dark.

Expensive perks for senior executives and millions of dollars in credit card charges without proper documentation are examples of a culture of entitlement at Hydro One that will no longer be tolerated, Premier Dalton McGuinty warned Thursday.

But McGuinty admitted there's little chance CEO Tom Parkinson will be fired after a scathing auditor's report also found the executive put more than $45,000 in charges on a secretary's corporate card.

"We've got to be careful about what we do,'' McGuinty said. "We've got to be thoughtful.''

"We've got to make sure it's not the kind of thing that backfires on us.''
Like Caledonia for example. Dither long enough, promise more free stuff, and the People will gradually blame the previous government for the perpetual mistakes of tomorrow. As a gatekeeper of stolen public funds, hypocrite McGuinty cries "culture of entitlement" while he assures its continuance by doling out other people's money to those the bureaucrats find most likely to support their regime in need.

And Hydro One keeps on delivering:
They gave away thousands of strings of energy-efficient Christmas lights -- and now Hydro One wants them back.

West Lorne and Mitchell residents were part of the light exchange program in which Hydro One gave new LED lights to people who brought in their old, energy-sucking lights.

But now Hydro One is recalling all of them, saying there are safety concerns with the new lights.

[..] In return, people will receive a gift card.


Anonymous said...

As Ontario's first and greatest commie electricity czar once said, "dona naturae pro populo sunt", which means, "Your money are all belong to us".

Dumton McLimpy is truly his intellectual and spiritual heir.

Anonymous said...

Here is a story about Dalton McGuinty lying about privatizing Ontario Hydro.