Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Here Comes The Big War

Ex-Klansman Democrat Robert Byrd interviews incoming US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, who cheerfully invites everyone in the world to pile on hard and take the war to the next level.

BYRD: Do you support — now, we hear all these rumors about the potential for an attack on Iran due to its nuclear weapons program, or on Syria due to its support of terrorism.

Do you support an attack on Iran?

GATES: Senator Byrd, I think that military action against Iran would be an absolute last resort, that any problems that we have with Iran, our first option should be diplomacy and working with our allies to try and deal with the problems that Iran is posing to us.

I think that we have seen, in Iraq, that once war is unleashed, it becomes unpredictable. And I think that the consequences of a military conflict with Iran could be quite dramatic.

And therefore, I would counsel against military action except as a last resort and if we felt our vital interests were threatened.
At least he's not Rumsfeld, eh? Boy, the TV sure convinced me that guy was scary and uncool. For a while there it was like the 60s never even happened. I doubt he even liked rock and roll music.
BYRD: What about an attack on Syria? Would you briefly describe your view of the likely consequences of a US attack on Syria?

GATES: I think the Syrian capacity to do harm to us is far more limited than that of Iran, but I believe that a military attack by US on Syria would have dramatic consequences for us throughout the middle east in terms of our relationships with a wide range of countries in that area. I think that it would give rise to significantly greater anti-Americanism than we have seen to date. I think that it would immensely complicate our relationships with virtually every country in the region.
Lots more suicidally reckless hand-tipping in the exchange; I can't find a full transcript but here's a start.

Excuse me now, I have to go now and smear honey all over myself so I can go make friends in the bear pit at the Toronto Zoo. One day I hope to run a defence department.


Anonymous said...

Isn't one futile foreign quagmire per term enuff for any president? Nixon had Vietnam and Cambodia, Reagan had Lebanon and Nicaragua, Clinton had Somalia and Kosovo, and Bush has a teeny bit more than he can handle already in you-know-where. If you don't leave something for Hillary, what's the poor gal going to do? Let her invent her own foreign bogeymen and start her own tax dollar bonfires.

Mike said...

Fine, then, let me put it in modern terms for the university educated. This kind of open, unprompted appeasement of the genocidal is like a big corporation billowing out massive amounts of carbon dioxide producing useless trinkets for the wealthiest 1%. It emboldens and/or confuses the hurricane god, and threatens the biodiversity of our ecosystem.