Friday, December 15, 2006

Get thee to a slimmery

A professor advises the British government to sew health warning labels on fat peoples' clothes. This is what £7 billion of taxpayers' money spent on consultancy for public health will get you these days. Some of Naveed Sattar's other recommendations:

  • "new urban roads should only be built if they have safe cycle lanes and new housing complexes should be constructed only if they have sports facilities and green park areas"
  • "ads for slimming services without independent evaluation banned"
  • "TV ads for sweets and snacks stopped before 9 pm"
  • "higher tax on high fat and high sugar foods"
  • "tax breaks for genuine corporate social responsibility"
…as opposed to the fake corporate social responsibility. Gosh, who can tell the difference? Except, of course, for government bureaucrats.


Fenris Badwulf said...

This is a great opportunity to create jobs for activists. There will be a design contest for the label, overseen by street nurses, lard advocates, and fairy princesses. There will be an inspectorate, and administration for the inspectorate, and advocacy groups lobbying for changes to the rules for the inspectorate. I see a whole tornado of money coming my way. Ye-haw. Thank you for this good news!

Honey Pot said...

Is that Martine Stonehouse? Martine Stonehouse, built like a brick shithouse.

Not that it wouldn't hurt me to run tied behind a half-ton truck for 25 miles daily, for a month,....but this foolishness has to stop. We are fat because we eat too much, end of story.