Friday, December 15, 2006

Fool me a million times, shame on…

Being lied to by politicians is par for the course and doesn't shock anyone, but in Ontario we get to pay for the privilege. From CTV News:

Ontario's Liberal government won't apologize for newspaper and TV advertisements boasting of reductions in hospital wait times even though they've been found to be misleading, Health Minister George Smitherman said Thursday.

Advertising Standards Canada said the ads leave the impression that "wait times for all hospital procedures have already been reduced," which they consider misleading and inaccurate.
Ontario Finance Minister Greg Sorbara's case that the province can't afford to cut taxes if it doesn't receive more money from the federal government for health care would cut a little more strongly if it didn't spend $2 million advertising for its own monopoly on services for which it doesn't even legally allow competition.


rhebner said...

Comrades! It is time to rejoice in the glorious success of our 5 year plan! Our tireless leaders have announced that production of healthcare is up 15%! No wait, make it 20%, 25%, 30%! Long live the revolution and our glorious leader McGuinty!

Jenn said...

Most people in Ontario are angry with the provincial government spending health care dollars on advertising to us. When the government runs a monopoly on health care and takes a loss every time someone uses it, it is just plain silly to run ads saying how wonderful it is. This isn't laundry detergent where Canadians have choices, it's health care, where the government decides what's best for my families health. The only alternative to our across the board bad health care is to head across the border, or to take one of those medical vacations (lots of colleagues of mine are doing this and say the medical profession is impeccable in most of these places). I guess the only thought that runs through my mind is yet another waste of taxpayer money.