Sunday, December 10, 2006

Critical creative city mass

London begins its Creative Cities odyssey with a Cultural Office at city hall.

Like contemporary cargo cultists, many of the development specialists that I know have convinced themselves that if they can only create a groovy, gay-friendly, rock and rolling, Frisbee-throwing environment in Kansas City, where I live now, or Topeka or St. Joe, the high-tech cargo will follow.
Jack Cashill at WorldNetDaily comes up with five bad things that happen when a creative city reaches critical creative mass:
1. the "thought leadership" becomes the "thought police,"
2. the creative class ceases to be procreative,
3. faith in science goes blind,
4. the Creative Class drives out the working class,
and last but not least,
5. The Creative Class kills real diversity.

Wherever the creative class prevails, the whole notion of diversity grows legalistic and oppressive. Citizens are no longer asked to tolerate their neighbors. They are compelled to "celebrate" them, often with consequences if they don't.

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Anonymous said...

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