Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Above the law in Caledonia

Protesters are demanding the release of one of the few natives arrested for assault during the occupation in Caledonia, claiming he is a "political prisoner". Note, the cameraman who set up his camera behind police lines and attempted to protect his property from aggressive seizure was punched in the head several times while police stood by and did nothing.


A group protesting outside the attorney general's office in Toronto on Monday demanded the release of an aboriginal man arrested during the land dispute near Caledonia, Ont., who they claim is a political prisoner.

Trevor Miller, 31, has been in jail since August, accused of assaulting two members of a television crew near the former housing development site near Hamilton on June 9. It was one in a series of violent incidents that occurred on the same day.

About 30 protesters gathered outside Attorney General Michael Bryant's office.

The protesters defended Miller, saying he was standing up for the return of the disputed land.

"He is being held as a hostage, a political prisoner," protester Pat Houlley told the Canadian Press, arguing Miller should never have been charged, because as an aboriginal he shouldn't be subject to Canadian law. "We've never abandoned our traditional government nor been conquered by any war."
Yet they've no problem accepting protection from the Canadian police force, along with handouts and special privileges from the rest of the country. Two-tier justice continues in Dalton McGuinty's Ontario.

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Mike said...

Comments about McHale's arrest from the kids at LondonCommons.net, as they discuss what they like to term a "reclamation" and wait for the next parental grocery delivery:

"This guy has gotten on so many people's nerves.... about time he got a slice of justice. I mean, he was the reason why all of us probably kept hearing about the occupation so much.

Maybe now we'll stop hearing about it everywhere.

I hope he gets some serious jailtime for all the crap he's pulled."

"It's about time this bastard was arrested."

Thucydides said...

I'm curious to know who the good people at londoncommons.net expect to stand up for them when their property is occupied or rights are violated by any group which proclaims themselves above the law?

rhebner said...

..."nor been conquered by any war"...

That can easily be rectified.

Anonymous said...

"Two tier justice"? Err, not really. There's one tier of justice for the Gimper and whoever can get his attention (money and guns seem to do the trick). And the rest of you can go to hell. No protest for you!

Anonymous said...

You want to talk about two-tier justice? How about a two years less a day 'conditional' sentence to be 'served in the community' and 180 hours community service 'before being permitted to carry a firearm' for the man who shot Dudley George to death?

There is a two-tier justice system for whites and natives. The natives get none.

Ken E. said...

Who is paying the protesters? If they are really independent of CANADA thats good we can put a 30 foot fence around their country were they currently live. If they wish to come into our country,they can apply for a visa,and they should have there county's passport ready for inspection. Hey they say they are not part of our great country and that would be good. I hope there government has lots of welfare money they are going to need it.But there again I think they are addictive to our welfare.

ON said...

I see a certain lack of information on here, so allow me:

Canada has just acknowledged that the Six Nations Haudenosaunee confederacy people are sovereign: "You are allies, not subjects."

Canada has treated them as if it had the power to do whatever it wanted ... with their land, their money, their resources. Now Canada has to reconsider all of those documents, 'laws' etc.

They don't live on our money, we live on their money.

It will take a while for this reality to seep through to nthe public, but I hope you will help spread the truth.