Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Why don't they just print more money?

To all you old people out there who worked hard throughout your life and saved money for your retirement, while paying taxes at the same time: should a flu pandemic occur, you will be asked to get to the back of the line. Those of you that suffer from a terminal disease will also be left to the ravens:

A team of critical care doctors has come up with a tool their colleagues hope they will never have to use -- a guide on how to make the harrowing decisions about who not to treat during a flu pandemic.

The triage protocol, as it is called, suggests a scoring system that would see treatment withheld from people with the least chance of surviving in favour of helping those deemed to be more likely to pull through if they get care.

The protocol, published yesterday in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, doesn't suggest scoring the elderly more harshly based on age alone. But the authors admit advanced age could be a count against care in a future version of their decision tool.

"We received strong and consistent feedback from both expert and stakeholder consultations that an age criterion should be included," they wrote.
In other words, money is evil and should have no bearing on how much you receive. It is much fairer for a team of "experts" to evaluate your marginal utility as a human being before the decision is made to give you treatment. May as well add fat people and smokers to the list as they are are more likely to be a greater burden on the public health care system.

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To all you puppies in there. Don't worry about us. Our oldness makes us crafty. We'll just cross the border or knock off a puppy and steal your disguise.