Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Well, who'd a thought?

Good ol' Ahmed Moalin-Mohammed has gone missing. It seems London's Thanksgiving weekend bullet sprayer must have got lost on his way to the corner store to buy a bag of chips or something - I guess his mom should have accompanied him to the store because some bad men may have snuck up on him and taken him away:

Ahmed Moalin-Mohammed, 23, has been missing for two days.

Moalin-Mohammed had been released on bail on charges including attempted murder and aggravated assault.

Four people were injured in the shootings at a downtown London nightclub Oct. 7.
I fear that he mightn't even have had his heater with him for protection this time as, no doubt, those silly courts probably won't allow him to go near one as a part of his bail.

The courts, in their wisdom, having been presented evidence of him on camera and him admitting to something about self-defence, already assured us he wouldn't do something like this on his own.
At the bail hearing where no publication ban was sought, Justice of the Peace Jack Carroll was told police have a video surveillance tape of the shooting showing two groups of men coming together early in the morning and one man running away.

Moalin-Mohamed was arrested a short time later in a parking lot. The gun was also found there.

Police also said Moalin-Mohamed confessed but indicated self defence.
How the hell could a judge justify releasing this guy? Self defence or not, he carries a fucking handgun around when he goes out on the weekend and sprays innocent bystanders with lead when he erupts in a temper tantrum! Who the hell carries a handgun in London, Ontario, who is not already mixed up in some kind of dangerous criminal activity? Detroit or Washington D.C. this ain't.


Honey Pot said...

Morons, the whole lot of them. Not only is our justice system unjust, it is pretty stupid too.

The lawyer for the child rapist who they just picked up for raping a child on live internet fed, stating his client won't get a fair trial because of the media coverage. We all know that not only will he get a trial, set up to protect his rights over that of the child's, but he will also be given a light sentence, and let out to re-offend.

Real justice would have been if he was shot between the eyes when he opened the door to the police. There is no amount of rehabilitation in the world that would cure that sick scum of the earth, he should be made dead.

Honey Pot said...

Look another waste of skin, that should be taken out and shot between the eyes. Doesn't get much scummier than that does it? Raping an 87 year old women. What do you suppose his sentence will be? I bet he gets two years less a day. I think a bullet would be too kind for him. Tied naked to the back of pick up truck, and dragged across a freshly shorn cornfield would be more fitting.

Little Tobacco said...

i don't know how the rights of the accused are going to be put ahead of the rigts of the child? The child is not accused of anything or in any legal jeopardy from the state. Rights, in the legal sense, are as against the state, not each other.

With that said, i do agree that the pedophile cannot be cured and will always be a danger to individuals in our society.

Honey Pot said...

I am not talking in the legal sense, I am talking in the human sense.The right of the innocent child to a safe and healthy life was taken away by the rapist. The rapist must now be coddled by our courts, and his well being will be of the utmost importance. He will have the right to protective custody, fed, clothed and entertained on our tax dollar. Do you see any justice in that LT?

Anonymous said...

Don't worry.
I'm sure he'll turn up again when you least expect it.

Anonymous said...

Let me clarify.
He'll be caught because the authorities sometime get it right.