Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Scream real loud

A town in California is preparing to pass legislation that would ban smoking in all "public" places:

Hoping to pass what would be the nation's most far-reaching ban on smoking, the [Belmont] City Council asked its staff to draft an ordinance that would outlaw tobacco use everywhere except inside single family homes.

While details of the proposed law still need to be worked out, city councilors said Tuesday they want it to be as comprehensive as possible and to give police the option of ticketing people caught smoking on the street or in their cars.

"We need to pass as stringent a law as we can. I would like to make it illegal," said Councilman Dave Warden.

The city initially planned to pursue a smoking ban similar to ones passed recently in two other California cities, Calabasas and Dublin. Those laws made secondhand tobacco smoke a public nuisance, a move designed to make it easier for residents to sue neighbors who puff with impunity.

Instead, council members voted unanimously to see if a complete ban was enforceable and would survive legal scrutiny. Belmont, population 25,000, is located 22 miles south of San Francisco.
Why stop at single family dwellings? Children and small furry animals who reside in such hetronomative units of isolation are at risk! And just think! The nicotine polluted air from single family homes of smokers seeps out into the public sphere and contributes to global warming and decade long waiting lines for health care. Blame the smokers! Kill them.

Damnit! I care about animals across the globe! I'm going to enlist Little Tobacco's services to sue my neighbor for riding the bus instead of walking! The noise and pollution caused by his preferred mode of transit is a public nuisance and a stress on the squirrel population besides. The oppressed collective should band together and file a class action suit against the polluting portion of the collective. May the strongest mob control the ballot boxes. It's all about democracy.


basil said...

Give police the option of ticketing people caught smoking on the street or in their cars.

I found this funny until I began to wonder how much longer I'll be allowed to own a car.

Anonymous said...

Not for very long. A few citations and DMV will confiscate your license.

If you are fortunate enough to own your own detached single family dwelling - smoke away.
If you live in an apartment, and complaints are lodged - you can be evicted. Even if you own your attached Condo or Townhouse, they will come after you.

All without having to prove actual health damage, other than you can smell some smoke.