Monday, November 6, 2006

Robert Vaughan, Ward 12

Robert VaughanAs preparation and advisement for our candidate endorsements for the 2006 London civic election, we invited candidates for council, board of control and mayor to respond to a short checkmark questionnaire in October. Some of the responses from candidates were very informative and were invaluable contributions to our decision-making, and we will be publishing excerpts from several of them over the next few days. Below are excerpts from Robert Vaughan's responses to the questionnaire. Vaughan is a businessman, employer and former school board trustee. We have endorsed his candidacy for council in Ward Twelve.

Residential property taxes have increased by 5.9, 6.63 and 2.95 per cent from 2004 to 2006 respectively. Can future residential tax increases be mitigated without cutting spending?
__ Yes, through assessment growth and/or increased provincial and federal subsidies/grants and/or increasing taxes or charges to commercial and industrial properties;
No, spending must be reduced;
__ It doesn’t matter: taxes must conform to municipal spending requirements whatever they may be.

Comments: Economics 101.
During the past few years, large budget surpluses from the previous year have been announced after the current budget has been approved. If a budget surplus is announced again, do you favour:
__ Allocating the revenue to debt repayment;
__ Re-opening the budget to provide tax relief;
__ Re-investing municipal programs or agencies identified as having been shortchanged by the most recent budget;
A combination of A and B;
__ A combination of any other two or all of the above.

Comments: I would support reopening tthe budget in order to reduce any tax increase to zero then any further surplus should be applied to debt.
Would you vote for a budget that includes an overall increase in spending?
__ Yes
__ Yes, as long as spending increases are held to the rate of inflation
__ Yes, as long as spending increases are less than the rate of inflation

Comments: The City of London has currently taken on areas which I do not believe are proper functions of municipal governments. I would not support any tax increase until the City's responsibilities have been trimmed to their essentials.
Additional comments: The proper function of a municipal government is the prevention and redress of crime and maintaining an infrastructure of roads, sewers, etc… Anything else is usually an intrusion on people's property rights or their wallets.


Little Big Man said...

Ah, but what is Vaughan's position on seat belt laws? (Just kidding). Good responses Robert.

Adam said...

Hehe, I know him. He's my friend's dad.

Pietr said...

I'd certainly agree that the London administration is out of its league.