Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Politics is no place for an honest man

My grandfather used to say "politics is no place for an honest man". For many years I naively assumed this meant simply that some politicians of nefarious character would bury the truth in lies and an honest man, not willing to claim he can provide the cake and let the voters eat it, would lose for not promising more golden boughs. I see now that, in a world of political correctness, deviating from the official party line or saying anything which challenges popular assumptions does not open up dialogue - whereas in a real democracy it should encourage dialogue - but receives demands of resignation.

Just what we need in politics are more people who are afraid to speak their minds (isn't this how 'hidden agendas' come about?). Politicians with convictions who speak out are bound to offend someone and/or special interest group, so muzzle them and save some votes.

But here at the London Fog, where we wallow in political incorrectness, we are happy to reproduce the damning words of Dave Burghardt's blog:

Excerpts from Dave Burghardt's blog:

- About Belinda Stronach's defection from the Conservatives to the Liberals: "All this demonstrates one more reason why women shouldn't be allowed to run for office, much less vote. It is a fool who looks (for) logic in the chambers of the female mind." (May 18, 2005).

- About the Liberal party: ". . . What it means to be Liberal was long ago replaced with greed, expediency and corruption. . . . The Liberal Party is dying, suffering from a chronic case of no ideas, no leaders and no ability to do anything about it." (March 19, 2006).

- About Kyoto: "The idea behind Kyoto is so utterly stupid it's no wonder our loony left has embraced it as the environmental saviour. . . Kyoto is nothing but PR -- it won't work, it's only a chance for international leaders to get their pictures taken together looking like environmentalists." (March 28, 2005);

- On Muslims and their feelings of alienation: "If the Muslim community feels alienated from the rest of Canada, pass the Ny-Quil because I won't be able to sleep tonight." (July 20, 2005).
And to make matters worse we have this outright denial - not of what he said (which he can't) but that he still feels this way:
Pearson said . . . Burghardt "in no way feels that way (as expressed on his blog) anymore. He felt he made a terrible mistake and that's why he took it down (several months ago).
So what's up? Was he born again? Electroshock is working? What made him change his mind? Threats of damnation from Megan Walker? It's bad enough this guy is called to task for expressing his opinion in a democratic society, but now Pearson is claiming Burghardt has figured out 2+2=5 in the last couple of months - and he fired him anyway.

Yep, I guess Glen Pearson better fill those volunteer positions with some more party drones. You know, the kind of people who don't ask questions, do just what they're told - don't think for themselves. Just the kind of people you want surrounding government representatives.

Meanwhile, Dianne Haskett can sit back in her ivory tower and wait for the polls to close while Walker ensures the Liberals will lose for her.


Al said...

In your grandfather's day you were also judged "by the company you kept". Now we call it profiling. Your grandfather was a wise man.

Anonymous said...

The thing I am waiting for is when anyone is going to remember this was written while he worked for the Conservatives?.. how long did the NDP sit on this?


Anonymous said...

From The Politic, a link to the NDP's "gleeful" internal memo:

Luckily . . . the good folks over at HQ took screen captures. All this to say, we now have an opportunity to take him out and cause no end of trouble for Pearson. We're sitting on this because it is GOLD and we want to think carefully about how to maximize the damage. Your suggestions on this are greatly appreciated. I think this should be leaked nationally. Even to the Tories. It's too good to leave just to the local dregs of a press.

Anonymous said...

And from the same source, Megan Walker is "saddened" while she jumps up and down for joy:

Yesterday I was made aware of some despicable comments made by Dave Burghardt, the communications director for Liberal candidate Glen Pearson.

This was brought to my attention by Glen Pearson himself, who then asked me to suppress this information coming to light.

On his blog, http://therightofleft.blogspot.com, Dave Burghardt frequently and repeatedly made postings that were racist, sexist and homophobic and which insult all Londoners.

...Dave Burghardt’s comments are contrary to the values of acceptance and civility we cherish as Canadians. I am deeply troubled and saddened by them

Sayin' it's so doesn't make it so, Megan. Worse than disagreeing with comments is trying to impose rigorous uniform standards of Megan's "values." What bloody communists!

Honey Pot said...

Weasel Walker is pretty fortunate her MAN is well connected in the London media, or they would have been much harder on her. How that top-secret ndp letter ever was made public because of her connection to the media is beyond me.

I have this suspicion that Poppy-boy,the CSIS agent, somehow infilitrated ndp headquarters and hacked into their email. That or they all got drunk when they were mailing it to national headquarters, and mistakenly sent a copy to the local media dregs.

Weasel calling for a police investigation into Saint Pearson's campaign, because of the intercepted orgasmic ndp letter, is laughable. Makes her look like the idiot she is, and the LNC community will call to have her publicly lynched in front of Cherryhill mall.

Pretty stupid on the ndp's part, and puts them out of the running in this election. They might as well kiss their asses good-bye.

Bullshit Weasel had just became aware of Burghart's blog. Gestapo Gil who is an alt regular, and the vp of the ndp, was watching Burghardt's blog for a long while. We all know how paranoid he is. His job would be to spy on the other parties, and get whatever he could on them.

Weasel is just feeling all scorned because the liberals wouldn't have her in their party. She was campaign manager for one liberal hopeful at one time, and worked on various other liberal campaigns. The ndp on the other hand will take any nutbar with name recognition, who will run for them.

I just knew this election would be very entertaining.

Honey Pot said...

I have been up since 6:00 am searching the Canadian mainstream media looking for the "Weasel Walker oust David Burghardt for thinking" story. I just can't find it.

Do you suppose it is because the main stream media is working on it, making it all fancy to splash across the front pages of our national papers....or do you think, like I am thinking, and they don't give a fuck.

Susan K said...

London's weasal Magan Walker has shown her true hypocritical colours once again. Her assassination of Burghardt and absurd (idiotic and irrational) call for a criminal investigation against Glen Pearson proves once and for all that her mental health remains questionable. Has the NDP rigerously reviewed the appropriateness and stability of their own candidates perwsonal history. By the way, weasal Walker is so self righteous that she went on London 1290 radio to claim she woulsd report to police any "... relative... friend ...or other for intercepting an NDP e mail. Beware, any weasal Walker associates! Does this woman have any integrity?

Honey Pot said...

Susan, there is a good chance her own husband, who is a reporter for the freeps sent them the letter. It is possible. Now wouldn't that be comical, Weasel's main squeeze doing 10-15 for trying to protect Saint Pearson from his wife's malicious disdain towards a man whose integrity is unquestionable. Not that I am going to vote for Saint Pearson, but it is a well known fact that he is a kind and honorable man.