Sunday, November 5, 2006

Nancy Branscombe: Uniting the Mushy Middle

As a published advocate of a "Unite the Right" campaign in 2002, one wonders: what kind of "Right" is Nancy Branscombe trying to "Unite" this year in her Ward Six campaign? Is this how we "Unite the Right?"

  • Medway Valley is an urban treasure and must be protected
  • •We must preserve and enhance our tree cover, parks and public paths – put the forest back in the Forest City
  • Reducing urban sprawl through smart development and environmentally-focussed zoning and planning will lead to cleaner air and higher quality of life
  • •Environmental protection is part of responsible economic development
  • Target irresponsible absentee landlords through aggressive city action on zoning, business taxes and fines
Oh, it was the Scott Brison kind of "Right"…


Anonymous said...

Hmmm... Her policy positioning looks more like it occupies the left wing as opposed to the "mushy middle," more communist than capitalist.
Maybe someone should tell her husband, who actually makes a living in our marginally free market economy

Lisa said...

Q: "One wonders: what kind of "Right" is Nancy Branscombe trying to "Unite"

A: The Fourth Reich.

Onward Comrades!

basil said...

Polka dot shirt, purple lips, in a polyester suit and smiling that psychotic clown smile . . . she looks very scary in her website photo.

Honey Pot said...

She just don't get it. She would run for anything, just to run. She will go whatever way the wind blows.

Fenris Badwulf said...

Sure, Nancy does not know what 'right' means, politically speaking. But she will snag a mess of votes thanks to her correct use of shiny, bright words. A great victory for our education system!

Anonymous said...

Oh don't you kids worry, she's as right-wing as Dianne Haskett. She's just paying lip service to the environment to get elected.

Anonymous said...

But good ol' Dianne (I've actually been campaigning for over a month, but conned the local riding association with help from my HQ pal Doug Finley)Haskett is actually as commie as Mrs. Cunningham -- our favourite advocate of red tory fetishism.

Honey Pot said...

You take away that goobly goop of religion that is Haskett's trademark, you got one smart, very strong women. Even if you don't agree with Haskett, you have to admit she has integrity, and is capable of making a decision. You can't say that about her airy fairy adversaries.

Haskett will get in because two of the three left parties will waste their time attacking her,and not deal with the issues. Well actually they can't because they don't know the issues. The protection of the environment is not enough of an issue to run on. Everyone is sick of hearing about it, and the working grunts are afraid it will go too far, and put them all out of a job. The left will be split three ways, with Haskett coming up the center for the seat.

I find it very comical the ndp are using America style campaign tactics in this election. Attacking Haskett because of her religious beliefs just makes them look weak, which they are, and stupid...ditto.

If they had any smarts they would have polled the electorate in NLC, they might be surprised to find out the majority of them are christians.Attacking Haskett for her religious beliefs is attacking them.The legitimate churches will preach from their pulpit to their flock who to vote for. The ndp are considered the anti-christ because of their unionizing of the United Church, and putting the ten commandments up for arbitration. The ndp are much too stupid to understand that.

All and all, it is going to be an interesting election, even if we know the outcome.

Bob Howard said...

Ah god bless the left and the right. I so love this your either for us or against us Bush political strategies. Nancy wants to somehow hug the trees, stop urban sprawl, help developers, raise taxes and kiss every baby on the way. Steven wants us to park our cars, fence up our parks and woodlands, and punish the students equally and unilaterally. Wow such choices from such seasoned politicians or political front runners as the freep has referred to them as. Yet here I am truly stuck in the middle. If only I was a partisan party activist then I would be recieved with open arms by our city's media. Heck even the Londoner can't get my name right. What I love is how every one talks about what they want to start in regards to programs, by-laws, regulations, tax strategies and so forth yet they some how forget about those they want to elect them in. Monday is simple vote a politician back into power, vote a puppet into power or vote for someone that is on the ground level with everyone else and has no intentions of ever saying he/she will be above you. Monday vote smart, vote intellegent and vote real for a change. Power is in our hands we just need to use it.

Bob Howard
Still Shooting from the Hip
Ward 6's only real candidate

maya luisa said...
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Anonymous said...

awwwwww....boho go boohoo? mommy doesn't have enough clout to get you elected? poor baby.