Tuesday, November 28, 2006

London North By-Election Shocker!

London North Centre had a most exciting and important byelection last night.

The Socialists won with 34.9% of the vote, beating their rivals the Socialists by almost 4,000 votes. The third-place Socialist Party, hoping to pick up another London seat, were left well behind at a dismal 14.1% of the vote. Clearly it was not the Socialists' night.

The big story of the byelection results was the solid turn out for the new, up-and-coming Socialist Party, who brought in over one quarter of the votes cast by London's discerning and wise electorate. By voting for the Socialists in such unexpectedly high proportions, Londoners demonstrated their openness to new, innovative Socialist ideas, and their dissatisfaction with the current Socialist minority government's Socialist agenda.

Can one more Socialist opposition backbencher really make a difference in a Socialist minority government?

Only time will tell -- but political scientists agree that one thing is certain. Whatever happens, you'll eventually be euthanized to make best use of society's limited resources.


Anonymous said...

This city is politically brain dead.

Anonymous said...

That certainly isn't ambiguous.

command economy said...

However inapropos it may have been to this post, I thank you for the reminder of that charmingly... unselfconscious... study!

It is revealing. It may not have much to say about "conservatives" -- other than defining them by ascribing to those bogeymen-in-the-hippie-closet such universals as "fear and aggression", "dogmatism", and several other uncool, bummer trips we were all supposed to shake off in the 1960s by grokking hippie fears, hippie dogmas, etc. This study educates its readers about the hippie need for self-congratulation.

For what it's worth, I myself am not a conservative, certainly not in the sophistic, ignorant Berkeley sense. For example, I would like to eliminate all public funding for education, trust-bust the monopoly on medicine, silence the CBC, and legalize all drugs. Who's a conservative?

If you do insist upon the Soviet psychological explanation for dissidents' motivations, I will have you know that my F-Score is a healthy 3.6.

Now please, comrades -- stay on topic!

Temujin said...

Mike, two words:

You Rule.

I haven't laughed this hard in ages. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Yes, this was a great post :)

How did the fourth socialist party do - the one that especially doesn't mind sending welfare to strange entities called "corporations?"

Honey Pot said...

I was pissing my pants laughing. Mike you RAWK!

Honey Pot said...

You know how the socialist party's are always fighting over who is the very bestest socialist....well I was wondering just how low they would go to get to wallow in the trough.

I know Weasel, and the ndp put a flyer out last weekend, all green, like the green party brochures telling everyone the green party leader wanted them to all vote ndp. Let's face it, the electorate is not overly bright, but even they caught that one.

I go over and read that rabble thingmajig, just for a laugh, and it is one of those blogs that truly reminds me, just how dumb people can be. The ndp is lamenting why they lost the election in lnc. They are stunned, and can't for the life of them figure it out. Yooohoooo, you bunch of dumb fuckers, you lost because you are a bunch of dumb fuckers.

Do you suppose Weasel and the ndp would put out an anti-jew brochure with the liberal logo on it, just to stir up some shit?

The ndp doesn't hide the fact they are pro-hamas, taliban and hezzasshole. Weasel was even wearing a black and white checkered scarf in her campaign literature, like the one that benevolent old Yassar used to have wrapped around his ugly pumpkin.

Do you suppose Weasel, and the ndp would do something that stupid? You would think attacking St. Pearson, Santa Claus and the negative reaction to that would have taught the bone heads a lesson.

If it comes out it was them, they might as well all kiss their asses good-bye.

Anonymous said...

I am typing through tears of painful laughter (the truth of it all being the painful part).

That said: it would have been even funnier, and more painful, had you been writing about an Ontario provincial by-election.


Paul McKeever
Leader, Freedom Party of Ontario

OMMAG said...

My condolences..............
As a victim of socialist simps supporting a socialist provincial government I know how it feels.

BTW - Mike's observation on the Hippy Dogma...perfect!
As I've said many times in regard to the Boomers who inhabit offices in schools and government bureaucracies ... I KNOW these Guys..I grew Up with them... they allways were and still are Full of Shit!

Butch McLarty said...

Yup, it sure was a weird election.

Take 5,000 votes away from the NDP and they'd be down in the territory of the provincial Freedom Party.

Hey Paul, when is the Freedom Party going to elect its first MPP? You've been around now, what? Close to 30 years?

Instead of playing chess all day back at the broom closet, why not get out there and press the flesh every now and then?

Why not shoot for electing your first MPP by the year 3006?

Anonymous said...

Based on these results, I would urge that every reader go out and campaign for the Greens at every opportunity, to siphon votes from the Fiberals and Non Democrats.

Readers should consider voting for a party which is proven capable at governing in the privacy of the voting booth, however.

Honey Pot said...

It does look like the Greens will be replacing the ndp. The ndp come across as whiners, and incapable of grasping the concept of logical consequence.

The Greens on the other hand understand fiscal responsibility, and the importance of a robust econonomy to a country.

command economy said...

Yes; fascism in the name of the "working people", NDP-style, is a 20th century anachronism. The times have changed. The NDP might as well be demanding horseless carriages for every midwife and candlemaker. Foxy Loxy says "Go Green".

The ridiculous, hubristic notion of "saving the planet" is a much better way to short-circuit thought and common decency than boring old Marxism straight up.

The Greens show the way to a more realistic future for those who want to live off others' production. To paraphrase Rumsfeld: in order to steal people's time and property and make them think you are "saving" them, you need to work with the propaganda that you have. If people are raised from birth to believe the sky is falling, building a sky-support mechanism is the excuse you should be using to fuck them over.

The consequences of socialism, as ever, are independent of the content of the marketing campaign for it. Cola rots your teeth regardless of whether it's "The Real Thing" or "The Choice Of A New Generation".

Green: the colour of envy, naivete, and of course, other people's money.

Anonymous said...

Liberals are not socialists, they are just stupid.

Honey Pot said...

Mike there will always be the politics of fear, big money in that. Actually it is an excellent marketing tool, and good for the economy. Who would have believed ten years ago that the masses would be drinking tap water out of plastic bottles they purchase in chemically de-bugged grocery stores. Comical when you think about it.

Anonymous said...

Time to swallow the bitter pill that the socialists did there, Mike.
Socialism is dead or dying, neo-conservatism and capitalism is and will continue to destroy the planet's inhabitants if it does not change to become more sustainable and there is hope for progress as the turn away from tradional politics is looming and more apparant than ever. You are right about the limited resources bit. In case you haven't heard, our economy is in trouble and the free market cannot save it from itself. Relying on technology and implimenting short-term fixits or building up a war machine has never been the answer. Green economics and politics is far from socialist. It is refined capitalism. Do your research and get out of the destructive partisan game that got us here in the first place.

command economy said...

Anon, for whom am I partisan?

I just don't buy the doomsday stuff; sorry. All I hear is Orville Roberts threatening holy wrath unless his viewers donate $8 million to build the Crystal Cathedral. I hear shamans demanding the sacrifice of the virgin queen to propitiate the gods and bring the spring back.

Even taking the caveman apocalypse archetypes out of consideration, you must admit it's a pretty big leap to suppose that you can combine "politics" and "weather forecasts", and get something out the other end that will make correct and truthful predictions. The climate change panic is the old story of Canute, but without the lesson in humility. O, great king, you have provided Universal Health Care and Education; surely the mighty Sun itself obeys your commands and will stop in its path if your majesty should so regulate!

The-gods-are-about-to-destroy-the-world-unless-you-give-me-money-and-power is the oldest story in the book. Professional hucksters can and do pose about stopping "global warming", but then, that's the sort of thing professional hucksters do. Global cooling becomes global warming becomes "climate change".

"Relying on technology and implimenting short-term fixits or building up a war machine has never been the answer."

Answers to... what? There is no utopia and there are no answers. Politics, force masquerading as virtue, can only create more problems.

"the turn away from tradional politics"

There is nothing but traditional politics -- that is, the theft of goods and services under threat of imprisonment or death. Under Greens the excuse for this predation would be -- don't laugh now -- to prevent an UNIMAGINABLY ENORMOUS FLAMING BALL OF HYDROGEN from heating the tiny Earth up. At least the Romans were kind of joking when they authorized public haruspices to examine entrails. People nowadays really believe in this stuff, that their God the State can change the weather. Yikes.

It's a scam. That's all there ever was to it and all there ever will be to it. Green may be a new marketing slogan for plunder, appealing to the currently popular eschatology, but you will not get what you bargained for.