Tuesday, November 14, 2006

London 2006 municipal election results

Or, Meet the new council, same as the old council…
Or, Meet the new electorate, same as the old electorate…

Defying the expectations of no one, except perhaps for those of most of the forty odd challengers and their supporters, London's council for the next four years is substantially the same as it has been for the past three years, and the three years before that… The results below show that of the seventeen incumbents running for nineteen seats, only three failed to regain a seat, and of those three one had been guaranteed to lose already because of competition with another incumbent.

The prediction for the next four years: more of the same; increased spending, increased taxes, and increased pressure on provincial and federal governments to bail out the elected politicians of London.

Mayor (winner in bold; ** indicates incumbent)
Anne Marie DeCicco-Best**57,891 votes57.7 %
Joe Fontana35,80335.7
Cynthia Etheridge2,5612.6
Ivan W. Kasiurak1,9051.9
Arthur Majoor1,6231.6
Matthew L.R. Shantz5320.5
Board of Control
Tom Gosnell** 46,80616.1
Gina Barber46,09015.8
Bud Polhill**39,07313.4
Gord Hume**36,62012.6
Russ Monteith**35,49712.2
Tim Gatten34,45211.8
Brian C. Rice17,7066.1
John E. Walsh15,0475.2
Joshua Hurwitz13,7044.7
Peter Schuller6,0592.1
Ward One
Roger Caranci** 3,825 57.1
Gordon Leffley1,47322.0
Gregory T. Fowler71610.7
Steven Peter Van Eldik68010.2
Ward Two
Bill Armstrong** 3,105 52.7
Steve Polhill2,22637.8
Shirley Wilton4357.4
Rick Plouffe1272.2
Ward Three
Bernie MacDonald** 3,725 72.5
Rod Morley79215.4
David Wagner62112.1
Ward Four
Stephen Orser 1,758 29.1
Bill Brock1,32521.9
Greg Thompson1,30321.5
Henry Zupanc1,20419.9
J. Daniel O'Neail4607.6
Ward Five
Joni Baechler** 7,068 86.2
Raymond John Ford1,12913.8
Ward Six
Nancy Ann Branscombe 3,920 54.6
Stephen Turner2,66737.2
Steve Edwards3014.2
Bob Howard2854.0
Ward Seven
Walter G. Lonc 2,896 39.7
Ab A. Chahbar**2,60535.7
Roger Khouri90412.4
Terry McPherson5918.1
George Istifan3044.2
Ward Eight
Paul Hubert 2,392 28.6
Josh Morgan2,36928.3
Connie Graham1,85522.1
Monica Jarabek1,76221.0
Ward Nine
Susan Eagle** 4,530 56.5
Ed Corrigan2,19227.3
Chester Chwiecko1,30016.2
Ward Ten
Paul Van Meerbergen** 4,741 69.5
Milyn Edwin Hall1,08715.9
Jordan Smith99814.6
Ward Eleven
David Winninger** 3,957 50.7
Denise Brown3,38843.4
Steve Hunter4645.9
Ward Twelve
Harold Usher** 3,035 51.7
Thomas A. Foster1,36623.3
Robert Vaughan73312.5
Jesse Haidar3866.6
Najam Naqvi3455.9
Ward Thirteen
Judy Bryant** 2,683 52.6
Sandy White**1,53430.0
Stuart Smith53810.5
Robert Carlton3506.9
Ward Fourteen
Cheryl Miller** 2,66440.2
Jim Wood1,84327.8
Laurie Spence Bannerman1,56923.7
Ma'in Sinan5458.2


Anonymous said...

Haw haw haw haw! Even I got more votes than some of those guys.

Little Tobacco said...

incompetency trumps corruption in mayoral race?

Honey Pot said...

It is all in the advertising folks. Look at Orser, didn't have anything else going for him except his big mother of a signs. I can't stop laughing at that one. Not many of the Imagine London people were chosen. Gina Barber for BOC, and a few that were there already. It is going to be so comical to watch.

Meanwhile back at the ranch..... Weasel Walker is attacking Pearson's campaign, not realizing that many folks look at him as if he is a Jean Vanier clone. If Pearson was smart, and as dirty as her, he would be going through the old cjbk tapes and quoting some of her asinine comments.

She is just pissed off the liberals wouldn't have her, they might be corrupt, but they are not stupid.

I hope she doesn't send Gestapo Gill over to rough up Pearson.

Honey Pot said...

I remember that time she called Bob Metz a racist because she didn't understand what he was talking about, because she is dumb, and he ripped her a new asshole. Everyone is a sexist or a racist to Weasel Walker when she can't grasp a concept in an intelligent conversation...which is often.

Bob made Weasel Walker apologize to him on public radio. That was priceless, she didn't want to, but had no choice.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what it says about voters that the third place candidate in the Mayoral race had no platform and sounded like she was on crack?

Make way for the winner of the 2010 election: Cynthia Etheridge!