Thursday, November 2, 2006

Little Tobacco: the newest white male on the London Fog

After three years of steadfast but solitary blogging on the London Fog by its original four members, with guest appearances by Kim Ainslie, we are pleased to announce that Little Tobacco (Smoke 'Em While You Got 'Em) has accepted our invitation to become the newest London Fogger. Although Little Tobacco does not possess (or is wise enough not to possess) the virtue of living in London, he does reside dangerously nearby. That, and the consistent quality of his mind and published contributions to his own site, has convinced us that Little Tobacco will add a valuable new voice to the London Fog… and allow the rest of us to start slacking a little. We welcome his addition to the London Fog and hope that you will enjoy reading Little Tobacco as much as we do.


Honey Pot said...

Why was it important for us to know his race? Am I missing something?

MapMaster said...

We're just making a play on the assumption by detractors that we're obviously just a bunch of rich white males. Actually, we haven't met him in person and have only corresponded with him, so we don't even know if he's white and we don't care.

rhebner said...

How do you know he's even a male?

rhebner said...

you have detractors???

Honey Pot said...

Oh ok, I get it.

I assumed because of the name Little Tobacco, that he was First Nations. I assumed, just as they assume, if you don't agree with them, you have to be a rich white male.

I assume because your handle is MapMaster that you know something about geography, but it could mean something different. Why did you pick that handle?

I wonder what one assumes of a HoneyPot. Mine was just given to me because I am such a bitch.

MapMaster said...

Detractors? Only a few

My MapMaster handle is admittedly lame, and chosen with barely a moment's thought when we first started this blog, but you are correct in your assumptions: I am a geography student studying remote sensing and geomatic techniques… and, as such, I am far from rich, although I do possess the Charter disabilities of being both white and male.

As for your Honey Pot label, it is rich in connotations, but because this is a family blog, I won't get started :)

Honey Pot said...

hmmmmmmmmm, I never thought of it in that way, though it was asked of me once by a fellow blogger. I thought I was given it because of the honey pot entrampment theory. I guess we all assume.

Much too old and lumpy to be considered a honey now.