Friday, November 10, 2006

In Conversation With Mayoral Candidate Arthur Majoor

Arthur MajoorLondoners are fortunate to have the opportunity to vote for mayoral candidate Arthur Majoor on November 13. We at the London Fog were very happy to be able to offer an unqualified endorsement. Majoor is an articulate and sincere spokesman for a return to the proper role of municipal government: the maintenance of essential infrastructure and the provision of emergency services.

Throughout the campaign Majoor has argued clearly, politely, and firmly for returning London's city government to a focus on these functions. In Majoor's estimation, the city and its people are impoverished by municipal taxation and spending that goes beyond creating an environment for citizens to pursue their own personal, economic, and social goals with their own resources. It's incredibly refreshing to hear these true ideas expressed so clearly amid a din of bafflegab about celebrating diversity, visions, moving forward, strategic plans, the creative class, dargling farbellage, affordable housing, crotangulational reprioritization, and the myriad of other euphemisms for "Give me your money" that pollute our discourse.

I interviewed Arthur Majoor about his campaign and his ideas for my radio program on the mighty CHRW 94.9 FM. You can listen to that interview here. (MP3, 20 minutes)

Majoor came out of nowhere this year and is already an influential figure on London's political scene. Judging by the his respectful, impressed reception at last night's Press Club mayoral debate, he is only just beginning a successful career as a politician -- in the rare good sense of the phrase.


Anonymous said...

What's with the annoying background noise on the audio?

Mr. Schnabel said...

He has my vote.

Deep Trout said...

With the Acumen poll indicating that Mr. Majoor's has less than one per cent of the committed mayoral vote, I think the statement that he's had considerable influence on the local political scene is a bit of a joke. At least Ivan commands a full one per cent and we all know that he has no influence whatsoever on local politics.

Cripes, Mr. Majoor never even had his mug on the beer bottle.

Anonymous said...

Well Trout, you know LondonFog. Always backing losers like Majoor, Connie Graham, Kimble Ainslie and every other turd reject known to mankind, sight unseen.

LondonFoggers need to mobilize and get their fat asses moving. Legwork and ideas wins elections, not 24-7 circle jerks on the Internet.

Lisa Turner said...

Deep Throat / Sock Puppet;

Thanks for taking time out from your own circle jerk to express such insightful "ideas." Now run along now - your philosophical reflections are much to intense for our readership.

MapMaster said...

Congratulations, Deep Trout and Anonymous, for passing the remedial civics course. Now, if you think that political influence is all about voting numbers, that's about as far as you'll get. For example, can you explain the extent of socialism in this country simply by counting votes?

Anonymous said...

Mapmaster, Majoor has absolutely no political influence in this city and never will. The guy's a stiff.

If he ever did somehow to get elected (200,000 to one odds) in the future, he'd be another Van Meerbergan eating his rubber sandwiches alone at Arby's then reurning to scores of 18-1 votes.

Lisa, too intense for your readership? 1. What readership? and 2. I'll try and soften things up for you -- a little milk with your Pablum perhaps?

What's this claptrap about socialism? Your ideas would leave the urban landscape looking like it was firebombed: No parks, no trees, no libraries, no swimming pools, no tourism, no heritage properies, no ambience, no nothing, just roads, sewers and butt-ugly strip malls.

Thank God for democracy!

Honey Pot said...

He is an unknown. You can make anyone a king though, package him like Heinz ketchup He is too stiff, needs some softening. Got to start somewhere, perhaps next election, with the right advertising.He makes too musch sense, appears cold and uncaring.
Go with the best interest of the people, not coddling them, but insitlling a sense of you can do it.

MapMaster said...

Hi Honey Pot! I should let you know that we've signed you up as a volunteer for 2010… looking forward to seeing you there!


No parks, no trees, no libraries, no swimming pools, no tourism, no heritage properies, no ambience, no nothing, just roads, sewers and butt-ugly strip malls.

Actually, that's part of our second five-year plan… the one in which we absolutely forbid anyone under penalty of the law from building or enjoying any of those fine amenities, except for the strip malls, of course, which we will force everyone to attend for consumerist brain-washing. But one thing at a time!

basil said...

Spare any change?
Go to
and support London's favourite virtual panhandler.

Honey Pot said...

Ok Map, got the first lawn sign slogan made up all ready.

"Vote for MAJOOR change!"

Will give him new hair do, perhaps dreads. Need a gimmick.

Leave him in my hands Map, you won't know him when I am done doing the Honey Pot gussy make-over on the guy.

Honey Pot said...

Who do I write a letter of complaint to about Glen Pearson making that dog comment about Dianne Haskett? He owes her an apology. He is nothing but a damn sexist dented chick pea can collector.

That headline was uncalled for in yesterday's lfp. "Harper: Unleash Haskett."

If I were Dianne I would be calling Tie Domi up to come over and whack Pearson with a hockey stick for implying she was a bitch.

I do find it comical that they are trying to paint Dianne as this no substance subserviant female. I think they are forgetting she did run a multi-million dollar business. She is well educated, articulate, and she knows how to fix cars. I admire her most for her ability to fix cars, I can't, and I don't want to,if you get my drift. I just admire people who can.If she choses not to be a balls busting bitch, that is her right. Doesn't make her less effective in being a leader.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your comments and support. As a first time candidate this was very illuminating, but I did bring forward ideas which the other candidates were not willing to address, and certainly influenced the dialogue. If you look at the public statements of Her Worship or Joe Fontana at the beginning and compare them to what they say now, there is a marked difference. I have no illusions about their matching words to deeds, but since they are on record as advocating certain positions, you the voting public can hold them to account.

Anonymous certainly missed the core element of my platform; which is for him to get off his lazy ass and take some responsibility for his own life and neighbourhood, instead of passing responsibility and accountability to unaccountable "others" in government. If you think a planned $100 million dollar cut is painful, imagine what will happen in a few years when the housing bubble pops, assessed valuations fall and the city has to jettison a vastly greater percentage of public spending to avoid financial meltdown.

Honey Pot, I’m not too keen on dreads, but we have four years to do the makeover. You will have plenty of opportunity to see and speak to me in the next four years, as I intend to continue to work for responsible government, spending cuts and tax reduction.

Thanks again, and start making your plans now. I know I am

Arthur Majoor
Candidate for Mayor

Honey Pot said...

Anne Marie will be going on to bigger and better things by the time four years roll around. There is no one on council that is mayor material, so you got a good chance.

We will have to talk Majoor. I am sort of a "libetariantorylibgreensocialist." Meaning take what is workable from each party. Every once in awhile, each party comes up with a good idea.