Monday, November 20, 2006

Guilty until proven innocent

MADD is insane:

Washington - The threat of arrest and punishment, for decades the primary tactic against drunken drivers, is no longer working in the struggle to reduce the death toll, authorities say. Instead, they are proposing to tackle the problem by turning to technology: alcohol detection devices in every vehicle.

In the first phase of the plan, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, backed by a national association of state highway officials and car manufacturers, will announce here today a campaign to change drunken-driving laws in 49 states to require that even first offenders be made to install a device that tests drivers and shuts down the car if it detects alcohol.

[..] Officials say interlocks for first offenders are not a panacea but will reduce repeat offenses. They say the next step will be a program to develop devices to unobtrusively test every driver for alcohol and disable the vehicle. The automaker Saab and a medical equipment company already have devices that may be adapted for that job.
Got that citizen. Collective "rights" and "protections" are prior to the rights of individuals. There is nothing obtrusive about forcing global warming contributors to blow into a tube before they are permitted to start their vehicle as we are each and everyone responsible to everyone. I can only imagine that these devices will always function perfectly and never malfunction because the State is always perfectly efficient and wise. This is a great advance for the socialist utopia envisioned by Karl Marx. I look forward to the day when motor vehicles will come equipped with a smog advisory device designed to prevent polluting vehicles from starting should the global warming risk prove higher than normal. Today is a great day, as we are closer to our collective goal of total public ownership of all spaces.

Alas, a wise astrologer that goes by the alias of Sargon the Magnificent advised me to carefully examine the local Library's annual budget. Complying with his request, I am now tormented by the results of my findings. What if the Drunk Drivers Alliance claims they are incapable of controlling their urges because they are victims of a collective society which denies them funding and rewards them with fines? After all, we are all responsible to each other. Can this issue can be resolved at the cardboard booth of justice?

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Sky Captain said...

Think of the fun you could have when drunk;your friend is taking you all home, so you all keep breathing on the device and the car stops every twenty feet.