Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Gina Barber meets control

Meet the new face on board of control!

Gina Barber, pictured at left participating in an anti-war rally in Victoria Park last year (see below), has been a tireless social activist and aspirant to political power for so long now — 27 years, according to the London Free Press — that the simple name recognition acquired from repeatedly sticking her face in public has finally generated a sufficient constituency of careless and idiotic voters to attain success.

A member of the Ontario NDP executive and a two-time failed NDP candidate in the last two federal elections, Barber is, among other things, a hardcore environmentalist, an unapologetic pro-union, anti-development, anti-privatization and anti-automobile activist who considers somehow that "private parking drains resources from the city."

Barber is a proponent of bureaucratic planning and tax-funded subsidization of arts and culture, as well as of the city's proposed performing arts centre monument to political prestige, of which she regrets that:
"Unfortunately, I do not believe there will be wide Council support for any large capital projects." [Emphasis added.]
A social scientist who generously substitutes politically correct theories for cause and a deficiency of socialistic central planning for effect, Barber is reluctant to commit to increased policing resources because "poverty, racism and social exclusion" are the significant predictors of crime and prefers instead "the social, recreational and cultural services that the city supports" as agency for public safety. No potential scope of the city's jurisdiction and tax-taking authority for social engineering is too intemperate to take advantage of:
"Decent, safe, affordable housing should be the right of every citizen." [Emphasis added.]
Indeed, the city should not refrain from using its powers, and Barber only regrets that some of the city's authority and abilities are "limited by senior levels of government."

I could go on about her views on child care, public transportation, animal control, and more, but this is enough for anyone. It is sufficient to say that Gina Barber is, in short, a hardened communist, the likes of which London has never seen before on council… which is rather saying quite a lot. The rapacious ego of the tireless communist despises the community that does not think like her and relentlessly tempts her to take community and political involvement to mean involving the community in her own nihilistic schemes whether they like it or not. A council with Gina Barber on it can be expected to promote expanding its authority into issues not generally understood to be or barely tolerated as under municipal jurisdiction. Having to sit with her in meetings for the next four years, I am almost sympathetic for the first time in my life for her fellow controllers, Tom Gosnell, Bud Polhill and Gord Hume.


Joe Molnar said...


Joe Molnar said...

So what you are saying is London City Council now has a full fledged commie on Board Of Control. Gina Barber.
The same Board of Control she wants to "Vote off the Island?"

Anonymous said...

A hardened, unrepentant, card-carrying First Internationalist who has occasionally slipped up in speeches and referred to city council as the Politburo. Well, all except for the last bit.

Barber and her sort want to abolish the board of control, not for any sound principled reasons, but because they regard the haphazard and mushy socialism of its members to be an obstacle to the hard-headed and dogmatic socialism of council. With Barber on the board of control, they may still try to abolish it but not until she's had four years to do her damage.

The frightening prospect is that in four years DeCicco-Best may finally try her hand at provincial or federal politics, and Barber may run for mayor once the board has been abolished.

rhebner said...

She doesn't look like a happy sort of person. Maybe she wouldn't be so cranky all the time if she just smiled a little more.

Adam said...

Fuck. The bitch got elected?

Ugh. And I thought this city couldn't get any worse.

Anonymous said...

Be not of sadness my friends, by abolishing the board of control, she is merely working out the mechanics of advanced communism, the withering away of the state. Can this not be good?
The only bad is that London's tiny, perfect, teenage mayor will look moderate in her preferences for state building.

Jake said...

Gina Barber, along with the other left-leaning socialists on council (Armstrong, Winniger, Baechler, Bryant, Eagle, Orser, and perhaps a few more newbies since their positions are still to vague to label at the moment) will hault any new development in the city. I can see the neighbouring municipalities such as St. Thomas, Strathroy, Ingersol, Dorchester, etc. start to prepare themselves for developers from London moving to the outskirts to avoid our new zoning restrictions, "heritage" laws, and bureaucratic barriers to new development. The next four years are gunna be a rough ride!

Pietr said...

Wither the state?To left, to right, to the bitter end?
When the state is gone, it can only be because people are dying;violent death, as in Ethiopia, or non-existence, as under communism.
Communism is far more dangerous of course, but wasn't communism nothing more than the result of an Ethiopian-style conflict in Russia in 1920, or the Taliban the result of an Afghanistan-style conflict in 1979-today?
In other words, violence is only acceptable in the rejection of violence.
(Whatever form that violence takes).

Meanwhile, Communism continues every time somebody tries to establish a coercive concensus such as 'Global Warming' or 'Public Health'.
Submission to wielded authority is evil

Anonymous said...

"anti-automobile"? What a hypocrite! Barber has been driving a car all of her adult life.

And as for police services... supporting social services which benefit the most disadvantaged citizens and help to prevent them from falling into homelessness, substance abuse, etc. DOES NOT preclude also understanding the wisdom of supporting necessary police enforcement and protection.

The carrot does not work unless accompanied by the stick.

Gina Barber said...

Are you all nut cases? Where do you get this stuff?

basil said...

"Where do you get this stuff?" It came from before that became a dead link, so from your website if you are who you say you are. Hope you are enjoying your husbands millions ;-) I've always admired the 1%.

basil said...

. . . oh, and thanks for abolishing the Board of Control.