Thursday, November 30, 2006

Gina Barber discriminates against politicians with penises

If female politicians in London are indicative of the norm, they should return to the kitchen - at least then they could be said to be giving something back to the community by providing for their family instead of feeding from the public trough.

Newly elected Gina Barber is already bullying council to give special consideration to women when deciding who shall be appointed to boards and committees.

A rookie city council member led a successful push last night for more diversity on boards and commissions.

At her first official council committee meeting, Controller Gina Barber challenged council's three proposed appointments -- Controller Bud Polhill, Coun. Harold Usher and Coun. Bernie MacDonald -- to the Western Fair board.

"There are 24 members on the Fair board and only three are women," Barber said.

"Now we're going back and appointing three men and I think we're sending the wrong message to the Western Fair board."
Barber is sending the wrong message to all Londoners by suggesting councillors should be chosen on the basis of their genitalia rather than their expected competence to fill a given position. The last thing we need are a bunch of self-proclaimed "victims" running the show, but diversity these days is not about individual difference but all about obtaining handouts by virtue of your identification with a recognized "oppressed" visible minority.
Coun. Susan Eagle backed Barber with a motion to replace Polhill with Coun. Cheryl Miller, who spent the last eight months on the fair board.

The fair board -- a position loaded with perks such as free tickets and meals -- is a popular appointment.

The debate was sparked when [Coun. Cheryl] Miller told council she'd like to continue on the board, especially because a governance review will begin soon.

[..] Controller Gord Hume then suggested Usher step aside to let Polhill stay on the board, a motion defeated after Usher didn't agree.

"I'm not going to take my name off the nomination list voluntarily," Usher said. "I don't think there are any visible minorities on that board and with 24 members, I think that's pathetic."

Miller was then appointed instead of Polhill.

[..] Planning will be one of the busier committees overseeing an Official Plan review. It will be chaired by Coun. Joni Baechler, joined by Barber, Hume and councillors Roger Caranci, Judy Bryant and Nancy Branscombe.
There are a total of 7 women and 12 men elected to council. If we play the marginalization game and include Harold Usher, that means 8 members of council are "visible minorities." Diversity bullying seems to be working, for men are outnumbered 2:1 on the planning committee. I'd be willing to pay an extra few bucks a year to provide all female council members with free MidolTM.


beelzebuba said...

Yeah, you tell 'em 'Gina! Don't let 'em make a decision without telling them how socially unjust it is, whatever it is - make their lives hell, He, he, he, heee! Nag, nag, nag. He, he, he, heee!

Honey Pot said...

What a dilema. I am getting all confugaled here. Which minority is more oppressed? We can thank our lucky stars there is not a paraplegic sitting on council or it would take them forever to figure that one out. If the paraplegic was a woman and black, she would trump wouldn't she? Imagine there is a board out there getting paid big money to make those decisions everyday. It must be mind boggling.

Honey Pot said...

Does anyone know whatever happened with that human rights watchdog, watching the other human rights watchdog, who was trying to eat chef alive down there at city hall? Are both watchdogs still on the payroll? Is chef still cooking free meals for city council? It would be nice to get the rest of the story about that one.

I think they should appoint Gina to form a task force to investigate the two human rights watchdogs, and chef. It would be prudent of council to hire another hr specialist to save the taxpayers of London money on law suits.

Anonymous said...

you should also note that the the elected representative of Ward 4, where the fair is, is not on the committee. or any other committee. Orser has been left off all but 1 list.
The VOICE in Ward 4