Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Gerard Kennedy is a public menace and a bully

Via Altavistagoogle, Gerard Kennedy says there is not enough Canadian content on the Internet. See him at a Liberal leadership debate in Toronto where he recommends regulating the Internet [HT: Darcey].

Question: Should the federal government continue to regulate the contents of the electronic press? Should the federal government regulate the content offered on the Internet? Should foreign ownership rules continue to apply?

Gerard Kennedy: Yes. The short answer is yes. A federal government presence is necessary to regulate the contents of the Internet and new forms of communication.
The whole debate is available in French from CPAC.

More from Kennedy, transcribed from the YouTube clip:
We must promote engagement in education and in every media. We have the internet. That's where kids are going. They need to find Canadian culture there. They need to find ways of expressing that there. We need to be, the generation of Liberals that move beyond the heavy-handed regulation that we've had and put some kind of light infrastructure in place, whether it's a CBC, whether its another place that allows people to have access to that, and I want to see the regions represented.
Lest we forget, Kennedy was Education minister of Ontario when legislation was first introduced making it law for kids to stay in school until they are 18. Failure to comply could result in fines and / or loss of the dropouts driver's license. Nope, nothing "heavy-handed" about Kennedy's agenda.


rhebner said...

If I understand Kennedy properly, he thinks there should be some sort of 'web site' for the CBC and the gov't of Canada so regular Canadians can get their fill of Canadiana on that internet thingy.

Hmm... interesting idea, how come no ever thought of that before?

basil said...

Rumour has it Kennedy has been discussing another new idea, which is apparently round and promises to revolutionize travel.