Tuesday, November 7, 2006

From CTV:

TORONTO -- The man who ran Bill Clinton's first presidential campaign and gave political advice to British Prime Minister Tony Blair and former South African president Nelson Mandela is lending his expertise to Ontario's Liberals.

James Carville, the man known as the Ragin' Cajun, spoke to 1,200 Ontario Liberals at their annual general meeting in Toronto Saturday, the last such gathering before the party tries for re-election next October.

How do you think the Canadian media would have reacted if Karl Rove came to Toronto to address the Conservative Party?

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Honey Pot said...

They would of went on and on about how Harper was cozying up to Bush. The liberals with no strong leader material amongst the contenders, have to do what they have to do, to get some morale. They might as well waste money on speakers from America to tell them how stupid and ineffective they are.

They don't have a hope in hell of winning. The big guns like Tobin, Wells and McKenna know this and that is why they did not even consider a run for the leadership. Going to take awhile before the liberal party gains any credibility with the voters.

Honey Pot said...

Haskett now resides in London riding

Contrary to the article, Do drop in! (Nov. 4), I am in fact the only candidate who actually does reside in London-North-Centre. My husband, Jacek, and I signed a long-term lease that took effect Nov. 1 and we are now pleased to call London-North-Centre home.

I am fulfilling the promise I made to Londoners in 2000 when I said I would return to seek federal office once our daughter had finished high school and was off to university.

Dianne Haskett -lfp (letters to editor)


Well look at that smart move. She can actually state now that at least she lives in the riding, unlike the other candidates. Smoothe move Dianne.

1)Next they will attack her religious beliefs, well the ndp will. That is an easy one to deal with, and she can make them look like bigots, and garner the christian vote.

2)Following that the ndp will bring up the gay issue, reminding everyone they are the fringe party. That will go nowhere, everyone is sick of hearing about it.

3)The environment will be thrown in, with only the Green party candidate having any knowledge on that subject. You really can't debate a subject you know fuck all about, even if you are being prompt by other members of your party. You would have to put it in an understandable format for the lnc electorate. Something the ndp and liberal candidates are incapable of doing. Tory won't do too good on that, they are more strong economy driven, than tree protecting sorts.

4)The fact Haskett was living in the states for a spell will be thrown at her. This she can use to her advantage by appearing worldly, and possessing the learning experience of seeing different approaches to problems.

Basically she has it all tied up.