Monday, November 13, 2006

Enter The Thought Police

Elton John wants to ban organized religion. I love celebrity; so used to having no one say no, you eventually believe you are always right. Some enlightened leadership will tell us how to think, what to believe, what to say and with whom to associate. It certainly worked well in the Soviet Union, North Korea, Cuba, China, Syria, Iran and the like. Freedom of religion ( and I should note here that I do not have a religion) is the most fundamental of freedoms. Ban it and ban just about every other right as we have now entered the realm of the thought police.

Speaking religion, have a look at how unorganized religion is working out:

Spirit attacks PLE candidates, disrupt exams

SEVEN pupils missed their Primary Leaving Exams (PLE) on Friday after they were attacked by evil spirits, writes Elizabeth Namazzi. The evil spirits reportedly struck in the morning when the pupils of Lwampanga Church of Uganda Primary School in Nakasongola District were halfway through the Mathematics examination. Possessed by the evil spirits, seven pupils rushed out of the examination room, hurling insults at people. Thereafter some rolled on the ground and others danced madly around the school compound as people in the vicinity looked on in awe.

Efforts to get a comment from the headmaster and district education officials were futile. However, the LC3 chairman Lwampanga Sub-county, Kassim Dimba, confirmed the incident.

During a ntelephone interview he said the evil spirits first attacked the pupils three weeks ago.

"The spirits first attacked three pupils three weeks ago. We called our local cultural leaders in charge of spirits and they managed to calm them. We thought they had been appeased but the spirits attacked more pupils on Tuesday", Kassim said.

A total of nine pupils, seven of them candidates, were attacked by the end of Tuesday, two days before the commencement of the PLE exams.

"By the time of the first exam on Thursday, the evil spirits had been cast out and the pupils were able to write the first two exams peacefully. They were however attacked again on Friday morning during the Mathematics examination, sending the school into a panic", he said.

A development worker who works at the Nakasongola District Headquarters, who preferred to remain anonymous, told Sunday Vision that she had heard about the incident from a local council official.

However, Sunday Vision could not immediately establish whether the incident was hysteria spell or an evil spirit.

According to Kassim traditional healers who were called in to deal with the spirits forced them to talk through the pupils.

"The spirits said that they were brought by a man in our are at a cost of sh1m and put inside a pot," he said. The hunt for the pot is underway.

The science exam done in the afternoon was completed without incident but the affected students were unable to sit for it as they had not recovered from the attack.

(Emphasis mine LT)

The hunt for the pot is underway? Has interpol been alerted? What is Sir Reggie... I mean Sir Elton.... going to do about this one. We need a law banning evil spirts, not organized religion.

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basil said...

Here in the Thames Valley DSB they call that ADD/ADHD. Perhaps we are misguided? Blinded by science? Instead of pharmacuiticals merely calming the symptoms, we need to find some pot and a witchdoctor to cure the bastards.

Little Tobacco said...

it's a hell of a way to get out of writing your exams