Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The dauphine of London

Anne Marie DeCicco-Best makes her victory speech

"We are going to take this city to a place it's never been before — we're going to bring more jobs, keep more of our young people … We're going to rock. We're going to be known as the city to emulate, a city that's doing all the right things."
— incumbent and re-elect mayor Anne Marie DeCicco-Best, victory speech as reported by the London Free Press
It would be churlish to ask the twice re-elected DeCicco-Best why, after six years as mayor already, she would only now be going "to take this city to a place it's never been before," or where she think that place might be considering the economically deteriorating direction of uncontrolled taxing and spending the city has been going under her administration. More importantly, though, it would be missing the same point that has been dogmatically overlooked by almost every candidate and their supporters during the recent election — that neither DeCicco-Best nor any other politician can "bring more jobs" or "keep … our young people." It is people themselves, not politicians, who create jobs or who decide where to seek opportunity or who, if I may say it, "rock." The best and the most that politicians can do is to stay out of their way while they're trying to do it. Having felt compelled to bring up those issues in her victory speech — not including the "rocking" bit, that is — is a pretty frank admission that her administration has not been doing a very good job of that at all.

It would be in vain to hope that the mayor and other councillors will rid themselves of this damaging conceit — it has so long been popularly uncontested that it has become to be seen by them and almost every aspiring politician to be instead among the privileges and perquisites of their positions.

And from the contemptuous, loutish and heckling behaviour of many of DeCicco-Best's supporters at public debates during the campaign, it is apparent that these privileges and perquisites are jealously regarded.


Anonymous said...

"to take this city to a place it's never been before,"

Hey, that's Ivan's line! First she steals from the taxpayer, now she steals from Ivan? What's next?

Brady said...

You rightly stated what was wrong with DiCicco-Best's phrase seen in the Free Press. Why didn't she do anything specatacular in the first six years in office? One would think that she would want to continue her "great work". I think she's alluding to the horrible job that she has been doing.

Secondly, I just started my own blog - http://blogofbrady.blogspot.com/. There's a couple of articles penned by me about the recent election. Thanks!

MapMaster said...

Thanks, Brady. And your blog has been added to our London Blogs blogroll.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet de cicco bangs like a shithouse door in a gale.