Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Dalton McGuinty continues to pass around the bucks in Caledonia

After nine months of failing to enforce the law in native occupied Caledonia, Premier Dalton McGuinty and Ontario Minister of Aboriginal Affairs are claiming the federal Government is willing to take at least partial responsibility for resolving the land dispute, which may include paying for some of the costs incurred thus far, estimated to be between $40-$55 million. In the meantime, the insurgents continue to enjoy free water and hydro, courtesy of taxpayers.

From the Hamilton Spectator:

McGuinty had been forcefully calling for Ottawa to "step up to the plate" and take responsibility for the Caledonia occupation, including footing the staggering bill. That tough talk prompted federal Indian Affairs Minister Jim Prentice to cancel a meeting with his Ontario counterpart David Ramsay last month -- but not until Ramsay had flown to Ottawa and was sitting in his office.

That snub is in the past, said Ramsay, who met Friday with Prentice. The federal government is now prepared to look at reimbursing some of Ontario's costs and take a new "leadership role" in ending the dispute at the negotiating table, Ramsay said.
Speaking of "leadership", The Gimp claims native land disputes are a federal responsibility, but if this is so, why did he wait eight months before demanding the Feds step in?? Instead of asking for Federal help when the occupation began, he dithered around while the natives destroyed property and purchased the disputed piece of land with other people's money even though the legitimacy of the occupier's claims were unsubstantiated. Wake up people of Ontario. It's your buck that's being passed around.

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Anonymous said...

It is one of the fundamental premises of socialism that government can banish scarcity. In the Gimper's world, government can provide anything that people want, for free, out of a hat. Land, water, electricity. All it takes is generous political donations, a degree of boldness, and lots of muscle.

If nothing else Caledonia is a handy demonstration of the stupidity, fraud and violence that are the inevitable results of such thinking.

Little Tobacco said...

Caledonia is yet another example of the lack of honesty in political debate in this country. The good people of Caledonia are being held hostage while the Ontario Government figures out how the situation will affect their vote count in Toronto.