Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Culture of the Victim

Sticks and stones will break your bones, but names will never hurt you, unless you happen to be a member of a recognized victim group that is. The two men subject to Michael Richard's tasteless rant at a comedy club (video here) after they interrupted his performance are apparently demanding a personal apology and possibly some money. I predicted this would happen when the story first hit the news. (HT: The Mayor)

Two men who say they were insulted by actor-comedian Michael Richards during his racist rant at a comedy club want a personal apology and maybe some money, their lawyer said Friday.

The men, Frank McBride and Kyle Doss, said they were part of a group of about 20 people who had gathered at West Hollywood's Laugh Factory to celebrate a friend's birthday. According to their attorney, Gloria Allred, they were ordering drinks when Richards berated them for interrupting his act.

[..] Allred, speaking by phone from Colorado, said Richards should meet McBride and Doss in front of a retired judge to "acknowledge his behavior and to apologize to them" and allow the judge to decide on monetary compensation. She did not specify a figure.

"Our clients were vulnerable," Allred said. "He singled them out and he taunted them, and he did it in a closed room where they were captive."
To the best of my knowledge, the escape door of the comedy club was not blocked by white supremacists with guns. The proper response would have been to respond in kind to Richard's comments, thereafter promptly leaving the room. But that's not the way to get ahead these days, and it's a sad truth that vulnerability is now more highly valued than strength.

In defense, Richard's could claim he was a victim of bullying at the hands of black youths and demand some compensation in return, expect he's white and not quite Jewish enough.

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command economy said...

This Bill Hicks clip will cheer you up until this pile-on-Michael-Richards-because-he's-not-a-hip-hop-blinger fad fades away.

Bill Hicks vs. the "You Suck" Heckler

"Jehovah! Jehovah! Jehovah!"

"Oh! He said it again!"

Found referred to in comments at Mitchieville.

Honey Pot said...

Speaking of victims

Get the latest in the earliest news in the lfp tonight.


Walker, Mathyssen speak out against plan to close Status of Women office in London-lfp

...this quote from Mathyssen is the jewel in the crown of they must think females are all brain dead.

"Mathyssen found it “passing strange” that a minister responsible for women doesn’t seem to understand the role of Status of Women.

It was never meant to provide direct services to women, she said.

Its purpose has been to advance women’s economic and social equality and eliminate violence against women, she said."

Yohhooo Irene, it is a duplication of service at the least, and a great big waste of taxpayer's money at the most.

Irene, no one even knew we had a Staus of Women office in London, except you and *Me*-again. It won't be missed. The silver-spoon socialist excecutives will just have to find another do nothing job for a whack of money. I am sure you could get *Me-again*, to share her tedious, unchallenging part-time executive job with one of those soon to be unemployed dames. She must be bored to death with that job, she has been doing it since Jesus was a cowboy, with no progress.

It is going, and with it, a whole whack of other pretend government jobs.

That Fraiser woman, now that is a woman whom all women should be aspiring to emulate. She is my hero. A no nonsense, fuck you and the boat you came in on kind of gal. She is priminister material. Just someone you wouldn't want to fuck with.

You little whiney-weak willed women stand back. Let us real woman show you how it is done. *wink*