Friday, November 3, 2006

Cheri DiNovo cannot see the trees for the forest

Only recently elected in a by-election in the Parkdale-High Park riding, NDP MPP Cheri DiNovo has already proposed a private member's bill to "bring people up to the poverty line":
An opposition push to raise Ontario’s minimum wage by $2.25 to $10 moved one step closer toward becoming law Thursday, although both the Liberals and Tories have said they don’t support the hike.

New Democrat Cheri DiNovo, whose private member’s bill to raise wages passed second reading, said the hike is necessary because workers who put in full-time hours in Ontario can’t pay the bills under the current rates.

“We’re talking about bringing people up to the poverty line. On what ethical basis can you deny this?” she said in the legislature prior to the vote.

[..] Anti-poverty groups in Ontario welcomed the chance — albeit a slim one — to boost salaries.

But they added that, at $10, people would still be living in poverty.

The proposed rate would merely give people “some basic ability to survive,” said John Clarke, an organizer with the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty.
Why stop at $10.00? These poverty activists will never be satisfied until all labour is unionized, wages are replaced by the ration system and John Clarke and his merry band of thieves are officially allowed to ROB grocery stores should the "need" arise.

The only good thing about this bill is that it's not likely to pass. Redistributing the money does not produce more of it, and as the costs of goods and services rise, and as jobs are lost and hours cut to absorb the increase in salaries, the poor will find they are worse off than before. A more "ethical" solution would be to cut MPP's wages and reduce taxes.


Little Big Man said...

Why fuck around. Let's just do in one step what they are trying to do by increments. Crank it right up. Say, a $1,000,000.00 guaranteed minimum yearly income. That would make the poverty line about, oh, $1,000,000.00, wouldn't it? Of course, we'll have to go nuts with the money supply but I'm sure the banks will play ball provided we index existing debt balances and interest payments to the rate of inflation.

Then we can all look for someone to blame for our poverty and, like the rest of the world, blame the United States.

Oh, wait, we already do that.

Never mind.

Guy Barry said...

Well there is always someone to blame

Ayn Steyn said...

“We’re talking about bringing people up to the poverty line. On what ethical basis can you deny this?” she said in the legislature prior to the vote.

On the ethical basis that using force against people is wrong, dumbass. And that includes forcing employers to pay wages that they may not agree with.

And she is supposed to be a reverend?....oh I see!

Little Tobacco said...

The $10 minimum wage is essentially the market minimum wage in Southern Ontario, however it will have de vestating effects on employers, employees, inflation, consumers, interest rates etc out in the hinterland.

Mitch said...

Once again, Bastiat's unintended consequences will come through. Pogey and welfare rates will skyrocket as unskilled labour finds it impossible to find employment at this rate.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the people earning minimum wage could pull a page out of the DiNovo Guide To Success and pull a major bank fraud. Certainly worked for Cheri.