Friday, November 10, 2006

A boy named Belinda

I have a bone to pick with Belinda Strumpet.

Billion dollar Belinda can't take a joke and claims it's enough to keep women out of politics:

Belinda Stronach says a sexually charged comment by Alberta Premier Ralph Klein about her past relationship with Peter MacKay is exactly the kind of remark that puts women off entering politics.
Well, then get out of the fucking kitchen woman, if you can't stand the heat.
"I wasn't surprised she crossed over (to the Liberals from the Tories)," [Alberta Premier Ralph] Klein told the Calgary Homeless Foundation Roast. "I don't think she ever did have a Conservative bone in her body. Well, except for one."
Given her politics as expressed since dumping MacKay and his party, it is both truthful and witty, which is why it is funny. Sure this joke is absolutely tastless but hell, so was Shakespeare at his best. Now she wants to turn the House of Commons into a Martha-fucking-Stewart dinner party:
"We all have to improve the civility that occurs in public life and in the House of Commons in particular because we want to attract good people to participate in public life. We want to attract many more women to participate in politics."
You know, we have to have the right kind of people.

So Belinda, as you admire your cake and eat it, remember what your daddy said:
"Girl, this world is rough
And if a woman's gonna make it, she's gotta be tough
So I give ya that name and a piece of the pie
I knew you'd never really have to get tough or die
And it's the name that helped to make you strong."

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Little Tobacco said...

you beat me to this one ... i laughed out loud when i read the story. Nothing is more dishonest than offence taken by a politician.

Anonymous said...

Jesus. This woman is NOT cut out for politics. Just THINK of all of the MUCH BETTER things she could have said about the "bone" instead of whining:

1. "Well, I think Mr. Klein is being overly charitable to call it a BONE..."

2. "Yes, it was a VERY conservative bone."

3. "In my experience, conservative bones leave as quickly as they come".